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The Secrets to Becoming Motivated

Untitled-7We set a goal and we work for it. That’s the basic layout of any plan that we may create in our lives. But setting your goals isn’t going to be enough. You need to be able to make sure that when the time comes when things start to become difficult and challenging for you – because they will at one point or another, you would be able to get them without even the slightest idea of quitting.

To be able to achieve that, we need one important thing, and that’s motivation. Once we are continually motivated, not only are we able to endure different obstacles that we may encounter along the way, but our ability to get through each one becomes relatively better. Without motivation you’re practically dragging yourself to get things done. In doing so you are also sacrificing the quality of your work since your focus is on finishing and not so much on the outcome once you’ve already finished.

But the thing is, keeping yourself motivated has proven to be a little tricky at times. So to help you stay on track, here are a few tips that may help you get and stay motivated:

Remind yourself of the goal – one of the best motivators out there is when you keep reminding yourself of the thing (or things) that’s waiting for you once you achieve this particular task. Everyone has their own reason for doing something, and that reason is more than enough to keep you going despite how difficult things may become. So if you find yourself in a situation wherein you become overwhelmed and at the brink of giving up, remind yourself why you began in the first place.


Celebrate little victories – before you get to the finish line or before you reach your main goal, there would be different obstacles that you would need to hurdle along the way. And every time you get through one hurdle is already a success in its right. So celebrate! You’re allowed to rejoice over the mini victory you’ve just achieved. Not only will this be feel good for you and boost your confidence, it would also make you more inspired and motivated to continue on and keeping your eyes on the bigger prize that’s in store.

Keep a positive attitude – positivity and optimism play a huge role in keeping yourself motivated. If you have a positive outlook, then you would be able to see the things that you encounter in an equally positive light. So difficulties become challenges and failures become lessons. With positivity, you would be able to stay motivated and determined to move forward and in the process become a better version of yourself.

Look around you – motivation can also come from other people. And if you look closely enough, you would see that you are never short of support and love from your family, friends and loved ones. Their support and love alone can be motivation enough that would definitely allow you to keep going.

Motivation is everywhere; you just need to grab it.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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