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The Importance of Maintaining the Balance in The Social System

123One thing that can be said about the role of critics in the society is that they tend to put to light important issues within the community that we often overlook, issues that may influence how we live or even dictate our own behavior. There is more to being a critic than meets the eye. Critics understand that every branch of the social institution has a specific role to play in order for it to function properly. When there is a failure to fulfill these functions, someone has to be there and create balance in the community.

Any community is built on individuals who play an important role to maintain the delicate balance in the society. The government officials are necessary to legislate the laws the public should abide in. The public or the constituents of the society are there to provide insights on how to improve the community.

Speaking in terms of a country, the citizens are the ones who bring in money to provide funds for the government. The armed forces and the police are there to maintain peace and order. Each of us has a role to play in the populace.

Nevertheless, social institutions are not limited to the branches of the society. It is important to note that everything that the majority agrees upon as something that should apply to many. These include laws, money, getting married, measurements, time, financial systems, and everything else, which is common to the members of the society so that things are kept in order.

We should also consider how the various branches of the society perceive things or issues differently. One example is the cultural differences that exist in world. Something as simple as what food tastes good for you, may be unpleasant-tasting for other people. A rude gesture in one country may be a sign of camaraderie to another.


The key to determining that role you play in your community is by first defining who you really are. When you ask yourself who you truly are, you should not limit your answer to what job you do  or where you grew up. A good place to start is to describe your personality. Don’t be afraid to share intimate details about yourself so that others can get to know you better. At the same time, you get to know yourself better as well.

You should also avoid letting other people mold your personality. This can be hard because most of us are conditioned to act a certain way or think a certain way because it is deemed acceptable by the majority. We fear of being ostracized by the general public when we don’t think or act the way we are supposed to.

However, you will only able to determine your true self by focusing on your inner being. When you get to know yourself better and define your true personality, then you will be able to conclude what role you play in the society.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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