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The Illusion of Struggle

struggle4Some of you may wonder why it is so hard for us to achieve the things we so desperately want to achieve. Good money is hard earned, as some may say. The career that we have always wanted has to stand in a strong foundation even before we can start building it. It is difficult – earning money, trying to climb the corporate ladder, getting things done; anything worth doing doesn’t come easy, we always have to go through a certain struggle over it. But what if things start to become easy? Does it mean that it isn’t worth it anymore?

Don’t be fooled by the illusion of struggle. It has been said that there is this popular notion that if you’re not busy, you’re not achieving anything, and if you’re not struggling, it is not worth getting. Along with this notion, the illusion of struggle also brings “not having enough time” as a factor.

Achievement doesn’t always have to be a struggle. Yes, as you move forward, you begin to doubt whether or not you are doing something worthy. But there are some cases wherein you just love what you do, and everything seems like a breeze as you keep doing it. Just because everything has become easier doesn’t mean it is an unworthy task.

Think of it this way: Say you started your own business. You started off struggling to make it day by day, and somehow you managed to keep up with it. Then, you start to notice that you now have such an ease in managing it every day. In fact, you even pour more effort into it, creating more profit than what you did with less amount of struggle than what you’ve experienced the first time around. This doesn’t trump the worthiness of your dreams, it just means you’re getting good at it. Never let the illusion of struggle shackle you from succeeding.


The illusion of struggle will only cloud your judgment. You’ll keep thinking you don’t have enough time to do everything that needs to be done. Most driven and motivated individuals find it hard to have time for leisure – it’s difficult for them to see that they can have time to relax and have fun because in actuality, they really have nothing more to do. One thing we all need to understand is that we have to make time to do these things. We can always make time. To alter the illusion of us “not having enough time to do anything”, let’s make the time to do nothing but. In this way, we create this whole universe that life isn’t about struggling first, every single minute of everyday, before becoming someone we aspire to be.

Life is not about struggles. Although it can seem to be for most times, especially when we need to sacrifice for something greater. We can always find ways to be happy once in a while. Imagine if every person believed that the only way for them to achieve is to struggle, the world will be filled with unhappy tenants, would that be a world you’d want to live in?

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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