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The Connection Between Time and Our Past

time-travel1Each one of us has our own personal concept of the present. This means that what may be the now for one person, may not be the now for another. Imagine all of us are spread out in great distances over a flat plane. Every movement we make through space affects the present which we experience. To make things even more complicated, the direction of our movements also dictates the now that we experience. For example, if our movement to the left angles our present years back to the past, then our movement to the right will angle our present towards the future. And the difference in the number of years is fully dependent on the distance we have between each other.

These could include events which have happened in the past over 100 years ago such as the Civil War, the discovery of America, and the time of the dinosaurs. These may also consist of future events which will only happen 500 years from now like traveling across the globe through teleportation and the invention of time travel.

Now we can better understand that a person’s past can actually be your present, or your present could be the future for another, and that all of our presents are equally real and true. This means that our past, present, and future are all valid and existing. The laws of physics dictate that there is just as much reality in the past and the future as it is to the present moment.

In reality, the past has not disappeared at all and the future also exists. These three stages of time are simultaneously happening. We should view time in the same manner we do for space. Both of them are just there, waiting to be explored. The events such as the birth of Jesus Christ, both World War I and II, the 9/11 terrorist attack, and even those events which from our own individual perspectives have not yet taken place such as the start of humans living in Mars. This radical yet very probable theory introduced by Albert Einstein overturned one of the most widely accepted beliefs on how we experience time. He broke the barriers which set the past, present, and future apart from each other.


Most people ask themselves, if all three stages of time exist simultaneously, “why do we feel like time seems to be on an eternal forward motion just like a stream”? But the real question we should be asking ourselves is, “does time really flow like a stream?”. There is a big chance that all of us have just been mistakenly conditioned to think this way. We should be open to the possibility that time might actually be more similar to a glacier where the position of every moment is predetermined. These moments are held in place and nothing can ever move it.

Our perception of time in the real world is similar to how streams flow. The study of physics contorts these beliefs we have about time. Our understanding of time is misplaced because we only experience it in the present. However, physics does not distinguish a single factual present moment. Instead, the theory of Einstein suggests the existence of multiple present moments. Our subjective point of view is the one to blame for making us think events are shifting from one to the other.

To better understand this, imagine having a projector, a projector that flashes images one at a time. If you want to see the next picture, you have to switch to the next image. However, there is nothing in the laws of physics which picks one moment from another. It’s possible that our brain chooses to do this involuntarily. And if this is true, then our understanding of how time flows is all but an illusion.

We have established the possibility that time may not be flowing like a stream. Taking this into account, can this mean we are capable of traveling back to past or into the future? And if time travel is possible, is it the same as how most of us perceive it to be? As of now we won’t be able to answer these questions because a working time travel machine has not bee invented yet. Believe it or not, the concept of time travel is really feasible. And in order to do this, one solution is by utilizing an incredible property of gravity. In the next article, we will discuss how something which we understand as only something which keeps us on the ground can actually help in achieving time travel.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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