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The Benefit of Taking Risks

risk2Oftentimes, we try our best not to put ourselves in very risky situations. We cling to the safety of our comfort zones and settling for what we believe is the right place for us because it is free from stress and mistakes. For those that are too afraid to deal with changes, this might seem like an ideal scenario. After all, you can’t be stressed over a situation you know so well.

But unfortunately, that’s not how life works. Sooner or later you’d be thrust into unfamiliar territory. If you’re not accustomed to changes then chances are, you’d drive yourself crazy not knowing what to do. That’s the danger of being too complacent. It keeps you from living your life to the fullest.

One of the reasons why people avoid takings risks is a false sense of security they get out of familiar situations. People generally tend to become passive and do not understand the value of taking calculated risks. We are afraid of doing something new and that we have not yet understood such as leaving your current job for a new one or introducing yourself to a woman you find attractive. In the end, we are missing the great opportunities that are being presented to us.

Humankind naturally places high value on security. This is why we tend to hold on to things that are already familiar to us. We do not like the thought of experiencing unknown events because we fear failure, pain, and disappointment. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as being absolutely safe. No matter how much you prepare, something will eventually go wrong. No matter how safe you play it, if it’s not fated to work in your favor, it won’t. That’s just how life is. This is why avoiding risk is actually no different from immediately being exposed to it.

Many people believe in getting high paying jobs in order to become “successful”. Unfortunately, this belief is also what keeps them from truly experiencing how it feels to be alive. Not all successful people are happy with their jobs, some go to work every day extremely miserable because they’re not passionate about what they do.


Other common reasons why we avoid risks are fear and doubt. These will keep anyone from growing as a person and will keep him from achieving his true potential. We grow when we take calculated risks. Moreover, the trials and adversities we face are what can help us become better versions of ourselves.

Taking risks does not mean doing stupid or extreme things like drunk driving or rappelling off a cliff. What you need to focus on is taking the intelligent and calculated risks.

Do not let your fears control you and embrace the challenges that come your way. It’s alright to commit mistakes because those moments give you the chance to learn and become better. Set your sights on your goals and do whatever you can to succeed. When you take risks, your personal development and self-worth also improves.

Push yourself to work into becoming better all the time and unlock your hidden potentials. This does not only apply to your professional life, you also need to take risks in the personal aspect of your life too. Do not be afraid to meet new people and experience things that you have never tried in the past. That’s how you learn to live!

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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