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The Benefit of Overcoming Tough Challenges

challenges1We encounter several challenges every day, some we solve easily, while other are more difficult to overcome. Although the very idea of solving everyday problems seem scary for most people, it’s a way to test our skills and make us better. This is especially true when there is a need to change a habit that we are already comfortable with. We find it hard to let go of the routines that we are so used to doing.

It’s normal to be scared when in a very difficult situation but if you change your mind set about what challenges are, things will become infinitely better. You see, challenges are there to toughen you up and help you how to cope. Unfortunately, there are some who’d rather not think about the difficulty of the situation or avoid the situation entirely. Doing this can actually hurt you in the end. These challenges will eventually surface again and it may result in bigger problems. The only way to overcome a challenge is to take on it courageously and not keep it hidden or avoid it altogether.

When you overcome challenges, you don’t just win at life, you also gain the wisdom of knowing better the next time the same thing happens again. Life is all about learning. As you go through it, you will come across challenges that you will need to face sooner or later. There’s no point in avoiding the inevitable.

Rather than brushing off problems and pretending they don’t exist, think of the benefits you get once you solve your problems. It can be very difficult for you to break your personal challenges if you do not see the advantages of doing it. You can begin by consciously changing small habits that create problems like sleeping late at night. If you sleep earlier, your body will have more energy to take on tasks the following day. Ample sleep can improve your health and this is definitely an advantage if you are bracing for a stressful day ahead.


As you notice the benefits of the small changes you make, you will eventually move on to bigger things. You begin to realize that the bigger the challenge you encounter, the bigger the rewards are once you solve them. You learn and accept that exerting effort for self-improvement is a good trade-off once you reap the fruits of your labor.

People don’t become a success overnight. The successful people you know got to that position through sheer hard work, discipline and commitment. Instead of ignoring their problems, they invested time, money and effort improving themselves and gained wisdom from their experiences.

To motivate yourself to overcome a problem, look at your situation as a test of your will. You are being tested to see how much you want to succeed against your challenges and enjoy the benefits in the end. If you are unworthy of the rewards, you will give up and live the rest of your life not knowing what could’ve been. Don’t live your life in regret. Part of living is taking on any challenge that comes your way!

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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