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Taking Control of Your Intuition, Sharpening It and Making It Work for You

i3What is intuition exactly? It’s that gut feeling you have about something or someone. Intuition is having that sense of feeling out the situation or whether this person is genuine or fake.

Intuition is often also described as that tugging feeling in us that tells us to go beyond the use of our five senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. It’s that inner sense that let us know whether we should stay or flee from a person or situation. It’s what guides us to make better decisions. Intuition is what we use to just know.

At a young age we have already learned to observe facial expressions. Our first exposure being our parents and siblings. We learn different emotions based on what we see. When we see a smile, we smile right back and know we are safe. Yet intuition is what tells us that that smile is dangerous or cunning. When we see and hear a person in tears, it brings about emotions of sadness, mercy, compassion or pity. Yet it is intuition that allows us to judge whether that person is really in pain or faking those tears.

Most of the time, it is children, their innocent and gently nature that allows them to observe change in emotions of people and their surroundings. As the child grows older, discernment will either increase or decrease. Most of the time, intuition grows as we age but sometimes it also makes us neglect what was easily observed or felt as a young child.

Here are some tips in reading people, or ways to develop our intuition as we age:

Be observant. Intuition works best when you are able to not take things at face value. When you are open to the idea that there must be something deeper. That people can be kind yet also have ulterior motives, this allows you to be more discerning and cautious of individuals and your surroundings.


Ask yourself questions. This goes hand in hand with being observant. Ask yourself and the person or situation involved discovery questions. Base your judgment from there.

Get in tune with yourself. The best way to be more sensitive to others and your environment is to also get to know yourself more. As you introspect and learn more about yourself, you become more able to learn more about others and your surroundings.

Surround yourself with people. Exposure. You will be able to develop your sense of intuition if you are able to go out more often and meet people from different walks of life. When you also visit more social gatherings, you are able to experience and compare people as well as situations.

Pay attention to detail. Sometimes we forget to look at the details since we are so used to taking a look at the bigger picture. Don’t forget to consider the smaller things.

These are just some suggestions on how to heighten your intuitive nature and making it work for your advantage. Everyone has that tiny voice inside of them that guides us to make better decisions, don’t ignore it. Listen to it.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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