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Synergistic: Positivity and Relations

Synergistic-SGood relations are directly proportional to positivity. This simplistic and minimalist concept is often overlooked or taken for granted. It is actually necessary to engage oneself socially through the use of joyous bodily actions, compassionate and sympathetic sentiments, truthfulness, and meaning. Simply put, the key to successful relationships depend on a steady usage of and dedication to positivity.

How is this accomplished?

Habituation plays a significant role in developing a sense of positivity in your character. The old cliché saying “practice makes perfect,” really does hold much truth to it. The more effort you channel towards repeating and redoing an action – practicing – the sooner it will be instilled in your everyday life. In this regard, while it may sound mundane, the trick lies in constant exposure and repetition of positive input. From something as simple as effortlessly smiling at your customers and/or co-employees/partners, to motivating employees by commending them of their work, to promoting worthy employees, to simply asking your significant other of how their day went – the brevity or complexity of the act matters less; what does matter is the idea to reinforce and maintain a steady semblance of positivity among peers, family, and/or friends alike.

While positivity is generally indicated for typical circumstances, there are some atypical situations that require you to break this general rule; these are scenarios in life wherein disagreements between parties are unavoidable. It may include not being able to unanimously decide on something, being intolerable to unreasonable behavior, and the like.


This type of situations require compromise to resolve it. Ignoring problems will not make them go away but merely prolong them. Remember that there is a significant difference between disagreeing and being unwilling to face an issue head on. Negativity should therefore NOT be completely shunned.

The following are some precise tips for fostering positivity in your life:

Be real. Don’t lie to yourself by lying to others. When facing a person with sterling credentials, it is relatively easy to succumb to the temptation of lying in an attempt to uplift your strengths. Do not do this. In order for you to accept your strengths and move on to develop other strengths, you must first accept your weaknesses which serve to hinder you from progressing.

Be open-minded. Don’t limit yourself to your own ideas. Try to embrace the concepts that others conjure. You will never know exactly if they are unreasonable or not, until you try them for yourselves… for as long as they are not illegal or frowned upon, that is.

Be helpful. Extending a helping hand to others is fulfilling for both the person receiving the help and yourself. There is an incontestable feeling of fulfillment and warmth when you know you’ve helped a person. One such feeling that will undoubtedly function as a supplement for a happy heart. Do this often.

Never undermine the simple things in life. Try these three tips, and watch how it unfolds and positively affects your life. Be positive even when you think the sky is falling!

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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