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Social Critic And Our Perception of the Modern Society

5Several factors contribute to how we perceive the society. Most of us have been trained to act according to what society perceives as” acceptable” in any social setting otherwise, we risk being ostracized. Institutions such as the government and the church have their respective guidelines that dictate how we should talk or interact with others. While these rules are often imposed to maintain peace and order in the community, the fear of being punished for different affects our own behavior.

Our self-awareness also plays an integral part in how we perceive society. We should know when we must be earnest and when we can laugh at our failures. This will allow us to keep in touch with our own humanity, our inner selves. This allows us to cope when certain things do not go our way.

It’s natural for people to be fearful of good things because some of us feels that the minute we acknowledge it, it might come to an end. In the same manner, we tend to not dwell on the bad things that we come across with because we fear that when we acknowledge this, we will attract even more negativity.

Critics have long been maligned in any community simply because they are unafraid to put the focus on important societal issues that most of us would think twice about pointing out, much more criticize concerned individuals about certain issues that may affect the public. Critics highlight things that most of us overlook or disregard for fear of being ostracized. Remember, criticism isn’t all that bad. Constructive criticisms are beneficial, especially in a community filled with citizens who would rather not speak up and highlight relevant issues concerning the public. Through criticism, we discover certain going-ons in the society that are of questionable in nature.


We live in a world where we will never known positivity without negativity. Positivity and negativity naturally go hand-in-hand as they maintain the balance in the universe. Critics are there to help us understand that we are all conditioned to think a certain way and act a certain way. When we break the mold and go against what society deems as proper or acceptable, we learn so much more about our inner selves and stronger in character.

Taking this into account, we can then conclude that we don’t always have to be afraid of negative things that may come across with eventually. Experiencing hardships is what will help us become stronger than our current selves.  We learn from our own mistakes and we are able to lead a more meaningful life if we lived it to the fullest. Take the good with the bad. This includes seeing through the roller coaster ride of emotions as we experience happiness and sorrow, fear and elation.

Balance is the most essential component in a social system. We should not let our fear of failure get the better of us so we can achieve success later in life.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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