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Self-Improvement through Goal-Setting and Self-Concept

Self-Improvement-SOne of the vessels of success is self-improvement. The two primary channels for self-improvement are good goal-setting and self-concept. The former provides for a stern direction for your life to take while the latter provides for the motivational support. The former compliments the latter, and vice versa; although, they can function autonomously, they have drastically better synergistic effects when carefully utilized hand-in-hand. This is what you should strive to perfect so that you can further better yourself.

Now the question is, how can you improve yourself? What will it take to ensure you are maximizing your full potentials for self-development? It’s quite simple. Just follow these tips for amplifying goal-setting mechanisms and uplifting self-concept.

First of all, you have to be open. Remember that old Jim Carrey movie, Yes Man? His character took a vow that he would always say yes to any and all opportunities. That was zealotry; taking it too far. You should never jeopardize your safety and integrity for the sake of upholding a silly principle. But the fact remains that, the core value of the whole ordeal is there amidst milieu of fanaticism: When the opportunity presents itself, try new things! As long as it’s safe (or at least, tolerable), legal, practical, and within your fields of interest, then go for it. Even if you fail or are bad at it, you’ll gain much with trying, in contrast to not trying at all, and not even allowing yourself the chance to grow altogether.


You also have to believe in yourself. Imagine the worst critic in all of existence… Unreasonable, illogical, absolutely destructive, tactless, self-serving, condescending. Unsurprisingly, the fact is that you are your worst critic. In as much as we can conjure despair-inducing thoughts, we can do the exact opposite as well. Never allow your pessimistic psyche to destroy your aspirations and ambitions. There are already many people of that caliber in the world; you would not want to add another one to that list… especially yourself.

Another thing you should always try to do is to be consistent and never give up. In any and all of the endeavors you take on and hurdle across in life, you should never falter. You can’t afford to just be open every Sunday or to believe in yourself only when things go right – this kind of mindset is doesn’t do much good for your quest towards self-improvement. In the of pursuit self-improvement, consistency is key. It’s very much like work: In order to grow in your career (i.e. get promoted) you must allow yourself to work with all you’ve got – 100% effort.

At the end of the day, self-improvement is ultimately a state of mind: if you are ready and willing to improve, you will basically allow yourself to do just that. So don’t deny yourself a fresh experience nor allow yourself to sabotage your self-worth. Keep a steady mind, and focus on the goals, ambitions, and dreams you want to actualize. Will yourself to succeed!

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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