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Self-Improvement: The Progenitor of Success

Success-SSuccess – most definitely the most coveted of all aspects of humanity. There are many agents of success; but, probably the most commanding one would be self-improvement. Self-improvement is one of the purest ways to achieve success: It has minimal reliance on others and it demands for you to learn to trust and work with yourself alone – it’s an epitome of self-preservation with a good perspective. If you want to be successful, the best way to do so is to begin with yourself. Make a change for the better.

Here are some tips for intensifying self-improvement that can slingshot you towards success:

First of all, you should open yourself to new things. Don’t be afraid to try new things! How many times have you refused to do something you have never done before only to regret your decision (or indecision) to do so? Probably enough times for the question to be immediately relatable. When it comes right down to it, it’s all about perspective: You should not view the unknown as something fearful, rather, an opportunity to broaden your horizon. We all know just how much of a social species we are; it is this aspect of human nature that screams for you to do things which are alien to you.

Therefore, there should absolutely be no reason for you to allow yourself to be consumed by fear when confronting new experiences. Never forget that nothing is worse than the feeling of disheartenment you get for not even trying in the first place. All the mistakes, anguish, and failures will pass, but the memories of your journey in overcoming them, will forever be embedded in the large, natural memory bank we call the brain. Fear is merely a state of mind; the precursor of fulfillment.


You should also stop doubting yourself. Apparently, we are our own worst critics. Our ability to convey hurtful sentiments to our fellow human beings is actually a reflection of our insecurities. Fortunately, in as much as we can relay destructive criticism, there is a subset of our psyche that allows us to dispatch positive reinforcement as well. The challenge lies in being able and willing to consistently tap into this aspect of ourselves.

The concept of perfection is perfectly imperfect in the sense that it is impossible to be perfect. Don’t punch yourself for not being good at everything – nobody can do that! The first step is to accept your weaknesses – to accept your humanity. Only by doing this, can you then move on and focus on accentuating your strengths. Spare other people from hurt, by sparing yourself from it.

Lastly, find your “magic hour.” In the art of cinematography, this is the point of time wherein the sun gives off daylight that is softer and redder compared to when it is higher up. This usually takes place quickly after sunrise or before sunset. It is a commonly coveted setup for film, with its admirable contrast of light and dark. Simply put, it is one of the most beautiful regularly-occurring phenomena of the world. A related application can be used in general life. This involves identifying the time of wherein you are most functional, and utilizing it towards your advantage. You will find that making a habit of doing this will have so much positive effects on your work performance.

You are equipped with all the necessities to achieve success in life. Some of us are just fortunate to have it easier. Don’t compare yourself to others; you have your own strengths and weaknesses. Just believe in yourself, embrace new opportunities, and find the right time to work to achieve your goals!

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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