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Rolling With Change

Untitled-1Often times, we consider change as an unwelcomed guest. We are so used to our surroundings being just the way they are that we forget that change is a constant thing. In fact, from the moment we are born, we are taught that things will always change. Our hair will always grow, we grow taller, our body structure will change, and we have to deal and adapt to it.

Change is Not an Enemy

The future, or as we call it the unknown has always been portrayed as a threat or a danger. The collective strategy is the aspects of our lives that remain the same – the less that we have to adapt or the less we have to change, the easier life will be. But life, as we know, can be cruel sometimes. The moment we become comfortable with the environment that we have, the universe decides to put us in thin ice. Yes, change is considered an unwelcome guest, but that doesn’t mean that when IT comes knocking at our doors that we can drive them away. We have to learn to accept change.

The very best way to thrive in this world is to transform yourself into a master of change. Being one doesn’t only celebrate or invite the flux of the evolving life, but also directs and drives rhythm. When you are flexible and adaptable to change, it will be easier to live life to the fullest. Living smart promotes change.

Change is Constant

Let change work for you and not against you. It is always best to roll with the punches, in this way, you are able to enjoy your life exuberantly expressing it through constant change. As you observe nature, the water elements and the wind flow with the life’s ever-so-evolving state. Try to find some feng-shui books. It teaches you how the different elements in life can be put into a big pot of harmonious soup. The philosophy of it will teach you tremendously on how to keep your inner balance.


Change is an Opportunity

View change as an opportunity and not a threat. Change will bring forth the freshest perspective and the newest possibilities in your life. Always see the brighter side, the gift in every curve ball that life can throw to you. Welcome the surprises ahead and the spontaneity that accompanies with change. The more you go with the flow of the fluctuations in life, the more resilient and happy one can get.

Make Change Work for You

Change is always inevitable and always occurring. You can use these changes to your advantage by quickly adapting to it instead of waiting for the change around you to force you to make some adjustments yourself. Expecting the unexpected is the best way to go. When you know change is ahead of you, know that your surroundings can change too. Making lists of the things that you are supposed to be prepared for can give you the advantage you need. Life’s agent is change, it is the renewal and also, the strategy of survival.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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