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Road To Becoming Your Perfect Self: Outgrowing Trivial Concerns

Untitled-5The second road to becoming a better version of yourself is called “Outgrowing Trivial Concerns.” We should disregard any and all trivial matters which in our lives especially if we want to become perfect beings. These paltry concerns will only cause the energy of our being to deteriorate which will keep us from achieving our goal of perfection. In order for us to succeed, we need to make a conscious effort to identify all of these unnecessary concerns and take action in order to overcome them.

The primary type of trivial concern among human beings is the egotistical state of the mind where we become too focused on ourselves. The most common manifestation of this state is self-importance and self-pity. If we are able to disregard the egotistical state of the mind, we will be able to harness our hidden energy and use it for purposes which will be more beneficial to the growth of our being.

If we are too centered in ourselves, our mind is unable to come up with thoughts which could attract the positive vibrations of energy we could use to reach perfection. By training our mind to disregard this trivial concern we will be able to veer away from our negative habits which can weaken our energy such as procrastination, anger, fear, unnecessary criticism, complaints, and more.

By making an effort to think deeper within ourselves, we will be able to observe and ascertain all of our trivial concerns. If you focus too much on negative events which may or may not happen, the energy of your body becomes depleted for a long time. Moreover, these thoughts you have will also be attracting all those which you are worried about because you are focusing too much attention to them. Most of the time we do this without the knowledge that we are actually empowering these negative thoughts. Other times, we don’t want to bother ourselves into changing our thoughts because we got too used to having these unproductive thoughts and we believe that it would take too much effort and time to change.

Unfortunately, change is one of the biggest challenges most people face even if doing so will bring about good things. Most of us would rather wallow in our pains, sorrows or depressions instead of doing something to make the state of their current lives better. Anyone can become a victim of focusing too much on these negative matters. By disregarding trivial concerns, we are helping ourselves react more properly to the problems we currently have and those which we may face in the future. This method does not ask us to never worry. What this method teaches us is that instead of focusing too much on thinking about scary thoughts, it would be better if we could take action to handle them correctly.


Just like the popular line, “it’s all in the mind”, we have to realize that our mind is what conjures theses thoughts which can hinder us from achieving more. Instead of letting ourselves fall prey to our fears, we should think of what actions we can take to counteract them. Let us stop empowering the vibrations of energy of these negative thoughts by not thinking about them. It’s as simple as that. Another common habit we have to stop is having too many complaints.

As we monitor our mind, we will discover that excessive complaining can really take a toll in our energy which will eventually weaken our inner selves. If we complain too much about everything around us, our subconscious mind will soon complain about our own thoughts and actions as well as it gets too used to complaining about anything. Considering this, it would be best for us to appreciate the people, places, and events around us and see their value to us and the universe. If we do this, our subconscious mind will also be trained to appreciating our being much better and this will attract more positive vibrations of energy.

It is important to remember that our thoughts, views, principles, and beliefs attract the same kind of energy patterns in the universe. This is why we need to keep ourselves in check so we can minimize, if not altogether avoid, becoming too concerned about trivial matters. Let us do our best to outgrow these negative habits and take a step closer towards becoming perfect beings.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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