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Revealing Your True Potential and Realizing Your Dreams

Untitled-6There has been a lot of discussion on how to hit your goal, or how to reach your true potential. Well, this article isn’t a step by step procedure that teaches you how to reach your true potential and finally realize your dreams, it only explains and helps you understand how your dreams and aspirations can come true by aiming for your true and highest potential. It also talks about how your level of consciousness can be a factor in achieving your life goal.

Through higher levels of consciousness, your dreams can manifest through. What is this force then? It’s your creativity, your imagination and your thoughts which direct you to your actions. As you channel your true and highest potential, even the most suppressed dreams and aspirations you have are attracted to your life. One thing you have to put in mind is that you can’t force this process. Your dreams will manifest when you are actually ready for them. You don’t prepare yourself for this moment by struggling, striving or pushing yourself too hard. You do so by connecting with yourself internally to your spirit. When your uninterrupted spirit flows through, true creativity occurs; which then manifests dreams.  Tapping into your infinite spirit can harmonize the universe of your thoughts – this is called tapping into your intentions – this is one of the creative forces that can bring out your highest and true potential.

Here are some key points to take note of:

Use your time wisely and do whatever it takes to maintain inner peace. Everything will happen exactly when it is supposed to. The key is to follow your feelings and your intuitions. Whatever maintains your inner peace is always parallel with your purpose, bliss and highest potential. Take this metaphor for an instance. You cannot force a flower to blossom if it is not ready, it will come naturally when it is ready – this force also manifests in your dreams.


What your dreams really are is the blossoms of your highest potential. Dreams and aspirations are the will that inspires you to grow. If you keep on thinking that since we continually have more ideas and our imaginations are infinite, we will never achieve our dreams and true fulfillment – you’re wrong. As a replacement for focusing on the external fulfillment that you get through perpetually changing dreams, focus yourself on the unfolding infinite being that you truly are and you will definitely live in bliss, wonder, and gratitude for your own magnificence. That is guaranteed.

Human beings are artists by nature. We imagine and we create. Our emotions, actions and thoughts are the materials we use to paint on the blank canvas – which represents our lives, ready to be planned and created. There is nothing that anybody can do to hasten this process; this is because one’s inspiration and creativity is streaming from, as always mentioned, a higher level of our consciousness. Let go and breathe in every moment without judging or attaching yourself to unnecessary factors. Your life will unfold perfectly.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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