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Part 1: Revealing the Truth About Time

clockMany things in the universe are not what they appear to be, including mysterious things that cannot be explained or concepts that is often misunderstood. One such concept that brings more questions than answers is the concept of time.

Haven’t you ever wondered if events can happen in a reverse order instead of the natural flow we know and recognize? Several studies performed by physicist and quantum physicists have suggested that this is possible. We will be discussing the numerous possibilities we can unlock once we are able to define the real meaning of time.

At present, more and more discoveries are being made as scientists continuously study the most extreme parts of the universe. Theories such as the big bang and findings about matter are just a few of these incredible facts. And more are just waiting to be discovered. Experts suggest the possibility of the existence of parallel universes. As for the world we live in, it could even be just a mere illusion. This may all seem impossible because we already exist in this world we live in. Or is it?

People have begun questioning the possible existence of a parallel universe and the reality of our world for several years already. This has brought about hundreds of studies and researches being made by experts to prove and disprove their claims. But because of their initiative and tireless prodding, unlimited possibilities are bound to be achieved, discovered and explored.

Importance of Time to Mankind

Just by looking at how we go about our lives in a day, we can see how valuable time is for each and every one of us. We all have schedules which we try our best to follow. And if ever something unexpected happens and we get derailed from following our schedule, we try our best to make up for the time we lost. Time rules our lives. However, time is not exactly what we understand it to be. Theories have suggested that there may be no difference between past, present, and future. And if this can be proven, this will be a big discovery as it will entail a lot of possibilities. It can even mean that we may be able to control time.

What is time? This is one of the biggest questions that still have not been fully answered yet. Our general knowledge of time is similar to a stream flowing endlessly from one moment to another which moves only in one direction. The time we know moves only towards the future. But this may not exactly be true.

Over the last century, many studies have claimed that our understanding of time is not what we think it actually is. To be precise, it may not be flowing at all. The past may not have disappeared and the future might already be existing. The past, present, and future may all be happening simultaneously.  Time may move faster or slower and the flow of an event may happen in reverse. In order to understand time, man has pegged time to be an object. Nevertheless, this seems highly unlikely because of the fact that time is only momentary.


The fact is, we’ve tried our best to learn everything about time but we there is no aspect of time which we can really claim as clear to us. This is very puzzling and annoying at the same time because we consider time every day. We always look at our watches to check the time and to see if we are late for a meeting, if it’s time for our coffee break, if we need to sleep. Almost everything we do is dependent on time. So how can we begin to understand something so mysterious such as time? One of the easiest ways to do this is by measuring it.

Clocks come in various designs, shapes, kinds, and sizes. And for thousands of years, mankind has used such tools to quantify time. The most primitive clocks man has used can be said to be ticking only once a day. This is the rotation of the earth. We have based time from the predictive and continuous repetitive rotation of the earth on its axis up to its yearly orbit around the sun. Since then, we have come up with more precise ways to measure time by basing it on things which repeat over and over. This cycle of things gave birth to the idea of the clock.

The first clock used is the sundial. It uses the rising and setting of the sun to count the days allowing us to measure the earth’s motion. This allowed us to divide the day further into hours. The pendulum clock was then invented and we began to count off the minutes and seconds. Now our modern clocks and watches are using quartz crystals which have further increased our accuracy to count time up to the thousands of a second.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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