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Resisting Submission to Authority

Untitled-2Desire for authority is so deeply ingrained into the human psyche that as children, we are encouraged to dream of success and have ambition. Our minds are conditioned to not only give in but crave authority. Authority isn’t limited to one personage. It could take on other aspects of our lives, like religion, belief systems, family dynamics, etc. Essentially, most things in our lives are driven by the desire for authority and sometimes, it’s tempting to submit to it in order to take the pressure off ourselves.

Deep within ourselves, we are looking for mentors, teachers who will guide us through life and show us how it’s done. But the fact is, there is really no right or wrong way to live or improve your life.

This doesn’t mean you have to reject any guidance you get from older, wiser folks. It means that each one of us will go through different things in life, even if we aspire or achieve something similar to others. Even if we go through similar situations, the circumstances won’t be identical. We will make different choices and will have different perspective because we live different lives. Our choices, beliefs and our experiences, we develop and go through all these to become better. And if you give in to authority, you lose a little of yourself.

Contrary to the popular belief that if you let authority handle things so things is much easier, the effects could backfire on you. The only person who can solve his own problems is you, no one else. Sure, look up to someone and aspire to be just as successful. Admire his achievements and hope that one day, you can get the same level of respect that this person you so admire, enjoy. But do not try to become someone else just to take the guesswork out of winning in life. Do not imitate another person’s past and experiences. No one has the right or wrong answer on how you should live your life, only you, with your own experiences, mistakes, flaws and beliefs, has the answer.


In addition, submitting to authority leaves us vulnerable to exploitation. We expose ourselves to be taken advantage of, manipulated, being turned into something completely different. From the great Wars to September 11th, history is rife with tragedies stemming from bowing down to authority. And when there’s question of exploitation, there’s always violence. If there’s anything history taught us is that submission to authority will always have catastrophic effects.

It’s hard to depend on yourself to make your own judgment, to form your own opinions and stand by all the difficult choices you have to make in life. But that what makes living so exciting. It’s the most difficult moments when we feel more alive than ever! Do not be afraid to trust your own instinct, to not be afraid to go where your experiences and choices lead you. When you live honestly and you are true to yourself, then you will always lead a meaningful life.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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