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Prompting Change

C3We all want to achieve our goals, get the most out of life and live our dreams. We all aspire for something that we’ve always dreamed of, goals that have been on our mind as far back as we can remember. But are you committed in making these dreams come true or are you content to let it be what they are, mere dreams?

It’s too common, knowing people who showed so much promise, individuals who have such high hopes only to live in misery as the years passed. Nothing in this life will get better if you don’t will yourself to make it happen.

Taking The First Step Towards Making Positive Changes

With so many things going on right now and well-established habits that you’ve grown accustomed to, how does one start to make positive changes in his life?

Change starts with one thing: commitment.

You don’t just wake up and think to yourself, “I want to change things right now,” only to end up giving up in the middle of it. That’s lack of commitment. When you’re committed to something, you are resolute to see through it no matter how hard things get. How many times have you planned to change things only to give up later on, your diet, finding a better job, cleaning the attic, changing your life, etc.? We make excuses why we can’t start changing something. We justify our own lack of commitment and this becomes a vicious cycle of misery where we know what’s wrong but we lack the firmness to change things for the better.

Making a commitment means doing something and never giving up. No excuses, no delays, no petty reasons that will make us back out from what we commit ourselves to doing. You stick to your convictions and do what you can to prevent distractions from achieving your goals.


If you’re unhealthy and you want to become fit, you commit yourself to exercising and dieting until you achieve your ideal weight. If you hate your job and you want to make positive changes to your career, shift careers if you have to. If you’re neck deep in debt and you want to start to take care of your finances, get a grip on your spending. It might be hard at first but everyone has to start somewhere.

Developing a Plan

Of course, it’s one thing to make plans about changing your life right now it’s another to actually sit down and start planning your attack. You don’t have to go all out, save your energy on seeing through various changes that’s about to happen in your life later on. Take baby steps, so things do not become overwhelming too quickly. When you make plans, you get a sense that your goals are much easier to achieve and you’re motivated to push through with it.

Keep Track of Your Progress

It helps if you keep an eye on your progress. This keeps you focused on your goals and you are also motivated each time you come across little victories. The mind can do amazing feats but only if your heart is open to the idea of changing for the better.

by: Jeffrey Slayter


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