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Producing Vibrations of Energy

energy-vibrationsMastering the ability of controlling the vibrations of energy produced is an important ability we need to learn in order to take a step forward towards becoming our perfect selves. By being able to control the vibrations of energy we produce, we are able to connect our self to the universe. Once we fully accept and understand the importance of producing the right kind of energy to generate, the path to becoming the perfect versions of ourselves is made clearer for all of us.

As previously discussed, our thoughts, words, views, and beliefs contribute a lot to what kind of people and events will come into our lives. If we have productive thoughts, the positive vibrations of energy we produce will also attract positive opportunities for us or this may lead to certain events that will take us closer to our goal. On the other hand, if continuously thinking negative thoughts will produce negative vibrations of energy which will only lead us further away from what we want in life. The universe is highly receptive of the energy which our conscious and subconscious minds emit because of the constant connection we have.

Methods of Producing Energy and How to Practice Using Them

Seeing Through the Eyes of Your Mind

The first method used to by our mind to produce vibrations of energy is by forming mental images of our ideas and thoughts. This is called visualization. This exercise requires visualizing a specific goal and then achieving that goal.

Our mind comes up with an imaginary map to guide us to where we want to be but we visualize ourselves as already successful in reaching our goals. By thinking about these images repetitively, our mind produces vibrations of energy which are manifested in our reality. In order to practice this method, we can dedicate about two to five minutes of our time everyday to practice on focusing our mind to our goals in life. Think about something you really want and visualize yourself already getting it. Concentrate on this making sure you create in your mind the images of success.

This is the key to succeeding in this method; forget about thinking of ways on how you can achieve your goal or hoping that one day you will be lucky enough to have it. Visualize that you are already basking in the glory of success now. By visualizing these thoughts in our conscious mind repetitively, we create powerful vibrations of energy. Our subconscious mind in turn will process these images without having a biased or influenced point of view as it cannot differentiate which is real or which is imagined.


This process helps your mind communicate with all other components of the universe through your will and the vivid mental pictures you focus on in your imagination. As we recognize the relationship between our mind and the type of vibrations of energy we produce, we realize how important it is for us to have vivid images of the things we want to happen to us and do our best to ignore ideas which are not beneficial to our life.

Declaration of Goal Statements

This is just like the first method except it uses specific words rather than mental images. The second method our mind uses in creating vibrations of energy is through the assertion of one’s goals through a statement. It doesn’t really matter if a person performs this verbally or mentally.

The important factor required for this exercise is to repeat your statement over and over again as it will produce vibrations of energy. Think of a certain statement you want to consider as a complete statement of your goal in life then say it to yourself for at least twenty times.

For example, you could use the statement “I am a successful businessman.” Immediately after saying this, your conscious mind thinks about this statement and whatever other ideas are related to it. By saying this statement numerous times, the energy we create will attract the same level of energy among people, events, and experiences.

Your mind will provide you with ideas so you can achieve whatever goal your heart desires. Remember, we are specifically designed to be perfect beings. All we have to do is have productive thoughts, principles, and beliefs so we create positive vibrations of energy. Our mind is a powerful tool waiting to be tapped to its fullest potentials. It is up to us to discover and explore various ways to use our conscious and subconscious mind to achieve our wants and needs.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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