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Power to Create Your Own Limitless Reality


In this particular article, I am going to speak from that we already know we are connected to all things. We have learned that we are one with the universe, and that we are constantly connected to all of its components. We discovered how the body and the mind is connected to the universe and continuously communicates through vibrations of energy generated by our body. We have also discovered that we are capable of bending time to produce events and experiences which are advantageous to us.

We no longer have to be limited by the old beliefs which held us back from the greatness we were designed to achieve. We found new beliefs which produced a better quality of energy so we can have more opportunities in life. Now we understand that the things our society, the elderly, and other social institutions deem as the norm is not the absolute truth which we should blindly accept. If you remain bound with these old beliefs, you will suffer lack of growth, failure, depression, and dissatisfaction in our general lives. We now have the wisdom to mold our reality according to what we want so we must be diligent enough in doing so.

Most people will have a difficult time accepting this fact so they struggling with molding their reality. Does this mean we can achieve everything and anything we want? The answer is simple, YES. To gain a higher sense of self, we should strive to learn the different scenarios of reality we could enjoy. Just like the popular quote that says “Nothing is impossible”, achieving the perfect versions of ourselves open the doors for a myriad of possibilities and opportunities that will blow your mind!

This is a fact in quantum physics and by using the things we learned during our journey, we can easily create our own reality. If you look at the great people who lived before our time, you will see how most people found their teachings to be way ahead of its time and often deemed by the public as radical, impossible and downright absurd. But because we live in a different time, our minds are more receptive to things that cannot be explained by science. And here, we can use such teachings to apply into our daily lives and enjoy a richer, more fulfilling life.


All of the modern and ancient religions around the world have teachings which can provide us a lot if we use the wisdom we have learned about the quantum truths. To further explain, if we can set aside the religious aspect of their teachings we can use them for other things which may be more beneficial to us. No matter what your religion is, all of them teach one thing and that is to be the best person that you can be. These religions encourage us to do great things with our lives all the time. Stories about the lives of gods, martyrs, and saints are told over and over again, teaching us that we too are capable of performing such incredible feats on our own!

This all seems so unbelievable if your conscious and subconscious minds are closed to the concept of achieving enlightenment. But the methods and techniques we learned in our journey make us see how all these things can actually be real. As it was previously discussed, humans were designed to do great things, things that may be deemed as incredible or otherwise, unbelievable. It was predetermined by the universe that we can evolve into an enlightened being with a higher sense of self. All these amazing potentials are just hidden deep within us and it is up to us to awakening the soul and work the conscious and the subconscious mind to propel the body to accomplish such feats. It all depends on what we want to believe and how strongly we will believe them. Now we have to decide what we can consider as our own personal beliefs and live our lives accordingly to make them our reality.

All of us have unlimited potentials and our reality can become whatever we choose it to be. The power of our mind to produce vibrations of energy is capable of turning our beliefs into reality. Take some time to reflect on the existing reality in your life and what you want your future reality to be. Consider which of your beliefs you need to change and what beliefs you need to add in order to reach your goals. We need to bear in mind that whatever we choose as truths will attract the people and experiences we encounter in life. Remember, nothing is impossible so we can create any reality we want. Once you can do this at will, then you can say that you have, indeed, achieved a higher sense of self.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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One Response to Power to Create Your Own Limitless Reality

  1. Joyce Kawasaki


    I really liked this article! Thanks for taking the time to write it and publish it here on your website!

    Happy Thanksgiving for all that we are and all that we know and can be of the past, present, and future!


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  1. Joyce Kawasaki says:


    I really liked this article! Thanks for taking the time to write it and publish it here on your website!

    Happy Thanksgiving for all that we are and all that we know and can be of the past, present, and future!


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