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Overcoming Personal Fears

Untitled-2Fear is the kind of wall-less prison that few ever escape. It’s the kind of prison that keeps you from becoming your best. The mind can make amazing feats happen. But it could also inhibit and limit its abilities. If you let your fears take over, you are preventing yourself from growing. You’ll also mess up fate.


Our personal fears not only controls our actions, it could also affect our habits and even dictate our destinies. And fear come in many forms. All of it can stop you dead on your tracks if you let it take over.

The things we do are controlled by our fears. Our fears of not paying our bills, not being able to afford certain things or what people would think of you if you quit your job, all these illustrates how deep seated fear is to our being. Our fear of not meeting our financial needs drive us to work relentlessly.

We fear risks because we are afraid of losing what we have right now. We fear of trying something for the first time because we’re uncomfortable at the outcome. And we will life the rest of our days not knowing what could happen if we were only a little braver.

If you’re not able to deal with your fears, it will cripple you for life.

The good news is, you can stop your personal fears to take over your life! When you stop being afraid, nothing is impossible, everything will be clear. For instance, you’ve always wanted to become a doctor but you felt that you’re not cut out from the job. Now as you waste away in front of your desk, dealing with numbers, you realize too late that you could’ve been so much more. You could’ve believed in yourself and live your dreams.

When was the last time you faced your fears? A time when you were so scared to do something thinking horrible repercussions only to feel silly when you went out there and actually tried doing it for the first time? Would you be happier if you settled for the safer choice rather than gamble and see how far you can go?


Unfortunately, most people go for the safer choice because they don’t want to tempt fate. But challenge yourself, you’ll never know something unless you try. See what happens when you go after what you want and stop worrying about practicality or what people would think of you.

The thing is, no matter how “safe” you try to play it, if you’re fated to become something in this lifetime, you will become that person. Wouldn’t it be much better to just become what you’re fated to be and strive to realize your dreams rather than fight in futility? You’ll only tire your spirit if you keep struggling. Rather, embrace it and see where it takes you.

There is only one thing you need to fear and that’s the fear of not trying. Life, with its twists and turns, are full of adventures just waiting to be explored. Don’t limit your potentials and sabotage yourself just because of your fears.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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