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Overcoming Laziness and Boosting Productivity

Untitled-2We all encounter moments when feel like doing nothing even if we have so many things to do. It seems as if our mind is telling us we need to move but our body rejects the very idea of it.

Laziness is a normal feeling especially when we come from a very long day at work or spent an entire weekend cleaning the house. We also have a hard time pushing ourselves to work during days when the weather is perfect because we to just enjoy the moment. There are days when we just feel lazy. And that’s okay. However, we need to avoid staying in a state of laziness or else we could miss out on the opportunity to succeed. We will be unable to finish our tasks and be inefficient at work.  

But how do you overcome laziness? How do you force yourself to move when your mind wants anything but? Consider the tips below:

Simplify Tasks

Sometimes we have so many things to do we end up not doing anything at all. We usually become lazy because we are overwhelmed by out tasks. We feel intimidated because it takes a lot of time and effort in order to finish everything. When you feel this way, try simplify the things you need to do into smaller tasks. Organize your tasks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. When you are in control of the situation, you have better chances of finishing your work.

Maintain Mental and Physical Health

The physical and mental state of your body has a huge impact on the level of your diligence. If you are too tired, you tend to avoid doing something. You must take a break every now and then making sure your body and mind are well-rested. In addition, involve yourself in regular exercise to improve your health. Exercise will also produce more endorphins that uplift the spirit. A great disposition is instrumental in keeping you motivated even when thing get too much to handle.


Motivate Yourself

There are many ways to push yourself into becoming productive. A great way to do this is to reward yourself after each completed task. Rewards keep you going even if you are already tired because there is something to look forward to. You can also focus on the good results that can happen if you do not give in to laziness.

You can also sustain your drive through affirmations and visualization. Picture yourself doing your tasks with passion. This technique can be applied before starting your tasks or during times when you feel lazy. Visualize yourself receiving rewards or enjoying the feeling of accomplishment because you diligently worked on your tasks.  

During visualization, use affirmative statements to instill a positive feeling within you. Tell yourself that you are capable of finishing your tasks efficiently. Use your affirmations to stay motivated to win against laziness.

Negative to Positive

Identify the negative results of not finishing your tasks. Knowing the repercussions of your actions helps keep you motivated. Start by reminding yourself what you hope to achieve and who you want to become in the future. Having a clear set of goals will help you avoid laziness at all costs.

by: Jeffrey Slayter


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