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On Discovering What Your Purpose in Life is

Untitled-2Ever wonder what keeps you going every day? Why you work so hard trying to achieve the kind of life you always dreamed of. Have you ever wondered what your real purpose in life is?

It might sound strange that most of us go through life without really thinking about why we’re here to begin with. At times, we may even think that we are here to be successful in our respective careers or be wealthy or both. And often times, we measure success by the amount of money we have in the bank. But is life really all about working every day to earn money? Is that what we are really set out to do?

Wealth, fame, and achievements could be useless if you don’t know what your real purpose is. Every person is meant to do something, including the critters that roam the earth!
Each one of us has a role to play but no one can know another person’s purpose in life. Only you can know your own fate.

If you’re wondering what you are set out to do here, don’t be afraid to ask yourself why. Asking questions doesn’t mean you’re suspicious of something, it means you want to know why you desire it.

For example, determine the reason why you enjoy collecting comics whenever you have the money as a child. Is it because you are a naturally collector or you enjoy reading as the story unfolds in every page? Do you do it because you hope to one day be a cartoonist yourself or you’re just curious how the main character will end up in the story?

Knowing why you do the things that you do will lead to answers about yourself. That includes listening to the little voice in your head that wills you to do certain things. The little voice in your head will guide you towards your inner being, the person you are fated to become. Unfortunately, most of us tend to ignore our gut feeling simply because we believe in proof, not instinct.


Just like anything in life, you will need to start somewhere. And that includes knowing your purpose. So how do you start learning more about why you are set out to this world? You start with accepting that yes, you do have a purpose. You decide that you will commit yourself in discovering just what purpose that is. Without making these decisions, you will wander through life not knowing what their life mission is.

An indicator of your purchase is linked to your life experiences and your beliefs. Most times, these elements make up what we are as a person, these defines our character. Finding your purchase also helps if you live for making others happy. It’s one thing to be happy and living a fulfilling live on your own and it’s another to be committed in making others happy as well.

Bring hope to the lost, make people smile, let them look forward to seeing you. Making other people feel better is a part of who you should be. The world is too full of cynics, selfish people who take no joy in the simple things. Don’t be jaded, laugh, make someone laugh with you!

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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  1. Wonderful Article. Great job!

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  1. Alex Bishop says:

    Wonderful Article. Great job!

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