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Move Ahead by Slowing Down

Untitled-3A day simply isn’t enough to complete all the things we need to do. No matter how hard we try it always seems that we need to rush in order to do all our tasks. Running out of time creates a feeling of inadequacy and we begin to believe that we failed in what we set out to do.

We live a fast-paced life and we spend more time focused on work. We focus too much on what needs to be done that we end up forgetting to enjoy life like we should. Instead of working to live, we become slaves of our jobs and live to work. If we learn to take things slow, we will discover real value, the true meaning of life. The best part about slowing down, you can get more things done when you do things one at a time.

Slowing down is not only beneficial to the mind, it’s also beneficial to your health! Studies show that slowing down, as opposed to stressing out, helps reduce depression and anxiety. Stress also leads to cardiovascular problems and a weakened immune system. Just goes to show how relaxing can help boost your health!

Learning how to take things slow, not only soothes frayed nerves, it also helps maintain mental alertness. Eventually, this can make a person more efficient at work as his productivity and creativity are improved. He can learn to focus more in the accomplishment of his tasks and perform his duties efficiently.

Living in a technologically advanced world also brings unnecessary anxiety and stress. We live in a fast-paced life where time flies and expectations grow each day. All these could contribute to feeling of being overwhelmed or anxious, at home or at work. When life gets too demanding, then it’s time to look for ways to refocus the mind, like doing yoga or meditating.


Learn how you can work smarter and not harder in order to avoid being stressed out. Instead of focusing too much on the analytical and process-based way of thinking, learn to rely on your ability to think freely based on your inner intelligence which makes “gut-feel” decisions according to the things that the mind knows and does not know.

To help you work smarter and be more productive, you should know how to finish tasks one at a time. Avoid doing everything at the same time. Multitasking could make you productive, but only in theory. When you’re rushing to complete a million things at once, multitasking may become counterproductive. Find time to enjoy the fruits of your labor just focus on being effective at work.

Learn to build and maintain relationships. By establishing meaningful relationships with people, you can create a harmonious environment where you can interact and communicate properly. Moreover, learn to listen and analyze all aspects of a decision before making one. Reflect on the information you receive instead of reacting immediately. Use logical thinking to make the right decisions and do not let your past experiences or emotions cloud proper judgment.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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