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Motivation Through Investing on Yourself

Motivation-Through-Investing-SKeeping your motivation up is by no means a walk in the park. Even when you swore you’d do something, there are times when you wish you’d do something else. When we’re thrilled over the idea of starting something, our minds are filled up with more excitement and less details on how to approach the project. It’s all too common for most people to quit even when they’re nearing the completion of a project because they don’t have a plan and they lack the willpower to push through every challenge.

But how come you can force yourself to complete a project because you’re trying to beat a deadline? How come you can perform your best when you are under pressure? When your business or job is on the line, you can find the motivation to go simply because you are invested on your job. When money is involved, you spring into action. Why? Because you have something to lose. This is why if you’re intent on achieving your goals, it’s best to start investing on your idea to make it work.

When you invest on something to push yourself, it does two things. One, you get important resource to help you achieve your goals and two, you have something to lose, which is all the motivation most people need. When you don’t want to lose, you tend to do what you can in order to win. That’s the concept behind investing on yourself to motivate. Instead of finding excuses, you look for solutions.


To illustrate, say you want to lose weight and lead an active lifestyle. Instead of enrolling to the local gym, you decided to exercise at home. Unfortunately, you start to lose motivation to get you through your goal. The couch’s too comfy or your favorite show’s up. You’re too tired or you’re too stressed out, you look for all kinds of excuses just to justify your lack of motivation. In the end, you gained even more weight and you started not caring about your health.

On the other hand, say you enrolled at the local gym and worked with a trainer to get yourself into shape. You invested money to help you lead an active lifestyle, you even got your friends to work out with you. In the end, you got what you wanted and more. You feel healthier, you gained control over your appetite and you’re starting to hang out with people who share the same, healthy mindset that you have.

When you invest on yourself to achieve your goals, you are force yourself to work harder, because you don’t want to lose all your hard earned money. You are driven to become better and reap all the benefits because you want to see through every project you want to start until the very end!

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes. Most times, we know what we have to do but we don’t do it because we just don’t have the willpower. Willpower falters, but by investing time, money and effort into something, you have the edge you need to stick to whatever goals you want to achieve in life.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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