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Mental Overhaul: The Essentiality of Continuous Learning

Mental-Overhaul-The-Essentiality-of-Continuous-Learning-SYou did it; you’re officially a degree holder. After enduring year upon year of mental anguish and psychological mutilation, at long last, you’ve attained that mundane-looking piece of paper to certify graduation (also known as diploma), and have officially garnered the title, “unemployed.” You’re very much eager, ready, and willing to finally pursue a professional career, and assume the role and responsibility of a productive member of the human race. Your days of education are over… or so you think.

Technically, schooling never ends. So you should not be hasty in deciding to shun yourself from learning or vice versa. I’m more than certain that you are not naïve to the fact that the world is unrelenting in terms of change; and being the adaptive species that we are, we adapt to this by incessantly advancing our technology. This entails unending change for your career environment as well. And so for as long as the  world decides to continue on evolving, so should your desire to seek learning.

In many countries, professionals are actually being kept in check with regards to their credibility. Every so often, they are required to take courses pertinent to their profession to assure that they are kept up to date with the latest trends, advancements, technologies, and/or techniques. This system is called continuous education and is often mandated by law. It’s essentially a win-win as it assures that professionals can become the best that they could be, in addition to providing a sense of assurance for the consumers in terms of the quality of services.


Chances are, such a system also exists in your country; but, if it doesn’t, that should not excuse you to from not pursuing continuous education. This is especially true in modern times where it has actually become quite difficult to not be able to access the internet. The title of the internet being the information superhighway has never before been more accentuated when compared to the contemporary where internet speeds have reached warp speeds (exaggeration, of course) in addition to being widely available through the many services that telecom and ISP (Internet Service Provider) companies offer.

Use this wonder in technology to update yourself with the advances in your professional field. The internet is a rich source of constantly updated information in almost every subject matter. These usually take the form of news journals, articles, and other web pages. Needless to say, not all information in the internet can be trusted. Trust in your background knowledge and intuition to ward off bad information. The less credible websites usually look non-presentable, messy, and just aesthetically unpleasing. This doubles as a reminder of that fact that, although the internet can be very much useful, there is still no substitute for the classical physically-printed hard copy of scientific journals and magazines.

Continuous learning should not be viewed as an extension of schooling – an extension of mental anguish. It is a conduit for both professional and personal growth. Indulge in it, and be prepared to be amazed in the drastic competitive advantages it can yield.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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