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Living and Loving the Present

Living-and-Loving-SIn reality, we are already perfect entities as God created human beings in His own likeness. However, our life is far from godly. In fact, it’s filled with challenges and struggles. And each one of us fight our own battle each day.

We work very hard to attain all our dreams and aspirations. Unfortunately, we never seem to be completely satisfied. We seek ways to make us feel happy but as soon as we achieve that level of happiness, we move on to another.

Somehow, children and animals are much luckier than adults. They live simply every day with no worries. They do not mind the businesses of other people, they just play all day. Children and pets have no qualms about showing affection towards others.

As adults, we have a hard time understanding what possible reasons they have for having this kind of behavior. How kids spend their young days in wonder, looking for adventures and never minding about giving their love to others. Deep inside, we also want to experience this way of thinking even for just a single day. To be free of problems and negativity.

The fact is, their way of thinking is the best way to life. If we achieve this mentality, we can say that we have grown and we can love effortlessly and freely. This will allow us to communicate with others and build better relationships whole-heartedly because we are not afraid of being judged or hurt in the end.

Openness is an essential element in any relationship. It is important to communicate not only your thoughts and words, but you need to let the other party know about your feelings. We need to realize that doing this will only prevent both of you from achieving true growth.


When you think about it, we commit mistakes because it is a natural thing for man. And when we fail, we are actually doing the best we can as that is the best we know. If we knew better, we would have done things differently and we could have saved ourselves from making mistakes. But we are limited by the things we know and this can be very frustrating.

We get our fear of making mistakes from previous experiences. This is when we begin to contemplate on what has happened and what we could have done to make things better. We eventually consider how we and the people around us are affected by the bad decisions we made in the past.

Although this is how life works, we should not fall into this excuse all the time. Do we really want to spend the rest of our lives regretting because we could have done things right the first time? We need to start thinking first before acting so we can do things right.

We are all blinded by fairytales, hoping for our own “happily ever after”. But the very concept of “happily ever after” is a farce. Nothing in life is ever perfect. There will be bad days, there will be days spent arguing, frustration will mount. But during the most trying of times we learn to grow. Arguments, frustrations, mistakes, all these will help us be better.

Rather than wishing for better days, learn from your mistakes. Look at things from a different perspective and learn to love the present.

by: Jeffrey Slayter  

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