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Leaving Behind The Insatiable Desire For Material Objects

greedMost people are led to believe that material wealth is key towards absolute happiness. It’s not uncommon some people to have insatiable desires. Be it material wealth, fame or power, we spend almost all our lives wanting things and as soon as we get them, we want more.

According to Heraclitus of Ephesus, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, “Change is the only constant”. The world has an innate inclination to move. The direction of this movement can either be up or down and this applies to every single aspect in the life of man. It doesn’t matter who you are, everything in this world changes and these changes may directly or indirectly affect your life.

The same concept applies for worldly possessions. Material wealth does not last forever nor will it bring absolute happiness. One may be swimming in success now but there’s no way saying he will be in the future. In the end, all of the things we value will be lost because that’s the reality of the physical world.

A person may try to find a solution to keep things the way they are. However, it is important to point out that the world is in constant state of changing so any solution that we may resolve a specific problem now, may not be as effective tomorrow. Man was designed to go through the experience of life and to reach the highest levels of the human mind.


Considering all things, the physical world is nothing but a vehicle for the spiritual world. In order to prepare ourselves for the spiritual world, we need to learn how to detach ourselves from the worldly things and focus on things that really matter. It is time to acknowledge the fact that whatever we have now won’t last us forever. Again, change is the only constant in this world.

Detachment is different from leaving behind something because you are receiving something better. The insatiable hunger for material objects, for power and fame, all these are things that will no longer matter in the great divide. We can only be truly prepared for the spiritual world if we learn to detach ourselves, truly letting go of our material desires without looking for an alternative. This is will allow us to overcome our thirst for temporary pleasures and shallow beliefs.

We must be able to strengthen our minds to help liberate ourselves from material objects. We should even detach ourselves from positive emotions such as happiness and joy because they go hand in hand with sadness and sorrow. True pleasure can only be achieved if you are letting go of all the worldly objects that we initially believe can make us happy.

The reality is that our world is filled with unfortunate events, calamities, tragedies, and deaths. These are signs that changes need to be made. We have to start freeing ourselves from the material objects in this world and dig deeper within ourselves to achieve a total sense of fulfillment.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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