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Increasing Productivity Through Recognition

Increasing-Productivity-Through-Recognition-AThe heart of every company is the people behind it. Employees are what make great empires possible. However, they also take up the majority of the overhead cost in a company. It takes a lot of resources to make employees satisfied and most entrepreneur will spend money on facilities, tools, and other perks and benefits that the employees could utilize.

 As such, it is only logical for every business owner to maximize the efficiency and productivity of each employee who works for him. And in order to do this, most entrepreneurs make us of positive reinforcements such as rewards and extra-curricular activities to entice their employees to work harder. Unfortunately, not every business has enough funds to cover these additional expenditures.

That said, there are several ways of letting an employee know that his or her contributions to the company are duly recognized. Several studies have proven that recognition can lead to the improvement of an employee’s performance. Employees love the feeling that they are considered by the company they work for as valuable assets. Managers who recognize the contributions of employees are also popular among his peers and their authority is respected.  In this post, we will discuss several cost-free ways to motivate your employees and increase productivity in your organization:

Show Willingness to Listen

Allot a specific time to listen to what your employees think. This will make them realize that you are really interested in knowing what their ideas are. By dedicating your time listening to suggestions, concerns or questions by your employees, they will feel that they are valued by your organization and you can get great ideas on how to improve business processes.

Give Them Authority

Let your employees know that you trust them and you believe in their skills. Entrust them to take charge on a certain event or project whether it is for another client or for the employees of the organization. This will not only let them know that they you recognize their skills; they will also gain a sense of responsibility.

Personalized Notes or Messages

During special occasions such as birthdays or milestones, you can hand out hand-written notes to employees. This entails a small amount of your time and effort but it will create a huge positive impact on your employees.


Value Their Lives as Non-employees

It is important to let your employees know that you respect them and see them more than just employees or tools for the business. Recognize that they also have lives outside of the office so you should be understanding enough to let them leave work early during important events such as if they have a child who is in the hospital or if it’s the birthday of their relative.

Provide Detailed Feedback About Their Tasks

Let your employees know that their job is important by giving specific feedback about their duties and responsibilities. This will let them know that you are really paying attention to their job and that you do not disregard their value to the company.

Acknowledge A Job Well Done

You should always say “thank you” to your employees especially in public to let their colleagues know that they are doing a good job.  Don’t pass up the chance to acknowledge a job well done and if you can, give due rewards to encourage others to do the same.

Ask Their Opinion

Let your employees weigh in their opinions about office matters. You can let them choose the theme and location of your next Christmas party or ask them what operating system they want to install on their workstations.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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