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How to Ensure Timely Work Completion

How-to-change-Perspective-SToo often do we dive into a project head on, only to become overwhelmed in despair by the enormous undertaking at hand. This disturbing cycle of actions is unfortunately intrinsic to us by default since thats part of human nature – being ambitious. Although this is a reality we are faced with, this doesn’t mean we are powerless to do anything about it.

The trick to overcoming the burden of completing numerous tasks is not through sheer hard work alone; rather, through working smart. Fragmenting or breaking apart your workload into small-sized, manageable tasks is an efficient strategy for tackling such issues. Heed the following insights to maximize your time management mechanisms:

Take things at your own pace. What do we say to procrastination? NOT TODAY! The thing about people is that the most common reflex action when faced with a beast of a task is to avoid it and keep busy with something else. This of course is an exercise in futility, much like using alcohol as a means to escape from problems – a temporary and illusory form of rest and security. What people usually fail to realize is the fact that putting things off for a later time and doing things slowly (but surely) are two completely different things.

The key principle for the resolution of this problem is consistency. Tackling the task at a snail’s pace is better than not attempting to work on it at all. This is where the whole “task fragmentation” principle is applied. By breaking apart the large task, you allow for both pacing to your own accord as well as avoid being overwhelmed by the things you think you can’t do or handle. For as long as there is consistent output, the whole picture should eventually be painted.


Don’t allow your tasks to pile up. The secret is to fight smart. Never fight the beast head on, you’ll just end up getting rammed down into the ground.

Trust in your ability. This is such a typical and overly used piece of advice. However, it is exactly this type of advice – despite being constantly reiterated – that holds much wisdom and truth to it. You should always trust in your strengths. The more you think you can, the more capable you’ll be of completing the task. Don’t be put off by haters that can only offer destructive criticism. Instead of feeling down and hopeless from all the negativity, use that to fuel you up and prove to them that they are all wrong. Let them eat your dust, figuratively speaking.

Embracing your strong points is even more important especially when a customer gives you the virtual free pass of “take all the time you need.” This gives you extra reason to not doubt yourself, as the customer has entrusted you his time and money in exchange for quality work. How do you expect to deliver that standard if you can’t even trust yourself? You don’t. So maximize your time management skills by trusting in your abilities, working smart, fragmenting tasks, and pacing yourself. And lastly, stop doubting and instilling despair on yourself – leave that to the haters.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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