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How to Change Your Financial Life Today

Change-Your-Financial-Life-SThey say that to get the right answers, you have to ask the right questions. This applies to anything in life, including improving your financial life! No matter what your financial state is, small changes in your habits could transform your finances. In today’s post, we are listing down ways to change your financial life today:

The Role of Money in Your Life

How do you see the green stuff? Is it something you think about all the time? Do you find yourself always worrying about money? Do you dream about money? Money will elicit emotions. It could trigger anxiety, anger, disappointment and even happiness. Knowing how you feel about money gives you an idea the role it has in your life.

List down all the emotions you feel when you think about money. If it’s triggering negative emotions, find ways to prevent these thoughts. Money is no doubt important. But it shouldn’t dominate your life. It’s healthy to want money. But wanting more when you already have so much is just plain greed. To some, they will dedicate most of their lives wanting more money. Meanwhile, the rest of their lives are in shambles. Find the balance by setting your priorities!

How People You Look Up To Perceive Money

Now turn to the people you look up, those that you trust. How do they perceive money? From your parents to your oldest friends, how do money influence them? These people will mold your own belief, including how you perceive things. Your attitude is likely ingrained to your brain since you were young.


During your formative years, was money an issue? Does the money come easy or was it hard growing up? All these things will affect how you perceive money. For some, being raised in a struggling household motivates them to push for financial stability. But there are others who become careless about their finances.

Does Money Makes You Happy

Do you smile at the thought of having more money? Are you financially independent? Do you trust your own skills to make it earn more money? Do you hate cheap gifts and value expensive presents? Do you dread creating your monthly budget or do you look forward to it? Are you able to have vacations at a five-star hotel or you can only afford budget-friendly motels?

Money is an important part of living but it should not define who you are. It should elicit happiness but shouldn’t be a part of who you are. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on being moneyed alone. Learn to appreciate and enjoy the money. Don’t let it dictate how you feel. You can still enjoy life without spending a single cent!

How you perceive money, how it makes you feel and how people you trust perceive the green stuff affects your own behavior. If you are struggling, you have the power to transform your financial status. If you are letting your love for money get in the way of living, you have the power to change yours perception.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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