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How to Be Rich: The 5 Things You Should Know

Do you know tharicht saying “get rich or die trying”? It’s a common expression that you encounter in life. It may initially have been used as a light joke or maybe even a form of motivation, but it says something more than that. This line clearly shows one of man’s deepest desires, which is to get rich. But why is it that not everyone can do it? How is it that only a few of the millions who strive to get rich actually do? Well according the experts, it’s all in our heads. It all boils down to the way we think.

Apparently, rich people tune into a different radio station than the rest of, figuratively speaking. They program their heads to think and view life differently. It’s amazing, really, because it actually works for them. But the beauty of it is that these secrets and tricks are free for everyone who’s willing to give it a try. So here are the things that you should take note of:

Learn to love and appreciate money. The problem with us average folk is that we tend to blame our misery on money. We get blinded by our own financial constraints that we begin to look at it as the enemy. That kind of attitude is the reason why we will never get rich. It’s not the money that’s causing your problems, but the lack of. Don’t let all the worldly problems you’re facing get in the way of your impending success. Conversely, don’t let all your bad experiences and problems tarnish your relationship towards money. Don’t let it become an object of stress and anxiety. Money is not the enemy here, circumstance is. Make the distinction and re-navigate from there.

Don’t be narrow-minded. Usually, we are so used to living as average or above average that we’ve learned to develop a defense mechanism towards the annoying jealousy we feel towards the filthy rich. One common misconception is the giving of the stereotype “snob”. There is a difference between an actual snob and someone who is just surrounding himself with similar people. The guy is rich; he deals and interacts with rich people. Of course it makes sense that his circle of friends are of the same annual income bracket. But that doesn’t make him a snob. Nor does hating on these people make you rich.


Take risks. What sets us apart from the millionaires and their town houses is our constant fear of making mistakes. We’d rather be safe than sorry is what we say to ourselves. But safe isn’t going to take us anywhere. If you really want to be rich; take risks, invest, have a leap of faith. You’ll never know what’s in store for you if you don’t put yourself out there.

Follow your gut. Always be on the lookout for opportunities. Life is always full of them; we just have to open our eyes. And when they’re there, grab them. Make it a habit to continue challenging yourself. This will help sharpen your senses making you better equipped to handle anything that life throws your way.

Listen to your heart. There’s this ill-belief that’s been going on for centuries about how you are expected to take a particular path. Society brainwashes us into thinking that only a handful of career opportunities would provide us with secure futures. But that is purely myth. A lot of millionaires are where they are now without having to get a medical or law degree first. Some of them haven’t finished college and look where they are now. That’s because these people were doing what they loved. They did what they were passionate about and somehow found a way to earn money and make a living through it. Find what it is that you love, and go from there.

Don’t even begin to think that we can’t have what these rich people have. Wealth is always out there, up for grabs. It’s out there waiting; not for the smartest, not even for the bravest, but for the most willing and determined.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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