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How Positivity and Optimism Can Change Your Career

Optimism-SFact: the global status of the economy isn’t the same as what it was thirty to fifty years ago. We live in a world where recessions are rampant and unemployment rates have skyrocketed. And this kind of environment isn’t really conducive for career growth. If anything, it is even a tad bit discouraging to all of us. Why would we attempt to work hard when there is no room for us to succeed in to begin with?

Wrong. It’s this type of mentality that gets us nowhere. Take a moment to look around you. While it is true that the economy has reached a considerable decline, there are still a number of people who are able to achieve success and excel in their various careers. So if they were able to make it, why can’t you?

To become successful and to be able to achieve growth in your various fields, you need to keep being optimistic. According to recent psychological studies, the application of positive psychology in one’s workplace can have a huge impact in that person’s performance and disposition.

Becoming more positive encourages work and involvement in various activities that would contribute further into your growth career-wise. Once you maintain a more positive and optimistic disposition in the workplace, it would allow a natural and unconscious flow of work and results that are equally positive.

The moment you become more involved, you begin to open up more. All the negativity that you used to take in has caused you to hold back and become unknowingly self-conscious. This ultimately affects your work and your ability to grow in your work. But if you face things with optimism, you become more open. You develop self-determination and you begin to take on more challenges.


Once we get ourselves out there and begin exploring the vast possibilities that lie ahead of us, we allow change and innovation to develop within us. With every challenge that’s thrown our way, we get to adapt and continually think of innovative ways for us to get through every challenge. And as these series of challenges and victories continue, we are slowly changing ourselves for the better.

And on top of all these, we get to further develop our Emotional Intelligence. As described in psychology, Emotional Intelligence or EI is one’s ability to regulate our feelings and emotions all on our own. Sometimes our biggest challenge is ourselves. But with optimism and EI, we get to listen and understand ourselves deeper. And once we begin to understand ourselves, we also start to understand others better. This creates strong and long-lasting relationships that would definitely help you in your journey to success.

So as you can see, it is possible for us to reach the level of success that we want and achieve growth in our careers. The secret is that we should shun and ignore the negativity that surrounds us. Whatever form it may take, we should learn to deflect negativity. What we should concentrate on is staying positive and optimistic.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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