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How Gratitude Leads to Success


How-Gratitude-Leads-to-Success-SWe all want to attain success at some point in our lives. We dream of achieving our life goals, become the person we always knew we’d be and have a career that we are truly passionate about.

The mind is an amazing tool that could lead us towards the path of success. At the center of it is our thoughts. Our thoughts that lead to action, action that leads to the realization of our dreams.

When we focus on the positive, we attract good things that could become the foundation to our success. On the other hand, if we focus too much on the negative, then we attract negative vibes that cause discord in our career and personal life. One way to keep the mind focused on positivity is showing gratitude.

Gratitude is all about acknowledging and being thankful for all the blessings that come your way. Although you will come across problems throughout your journey, it’s not going to get you down.

We can say that we are grateful for all the things we have but are we really? Instead of cherishing the things that we have, we take it for granted. This thing could be anything from relationships to our health, etc. We get so lost with fighting to achieve our dreams that we overlook all the things that we ought to be valuing the most.

The fact is, we don’t have the power to choose what we should be grateful for. And we cannot use gratitude expecting a particular outcome. True gratitude does not work that way! If we show gratitude for all of what we have, we attract abundance. The things that we hope to achieve will naturally gravitate towards us. You don’t even need to have more to be grateful. You don’t need wealth or fame to make you feel that you ought to be thankful, no. Living in a comfortable house with electricity and running water may sound like you don’t have much but in order parts of the world, they would give everything to have running water, or electricity.


To put it simply, the kind of vibrations you generate to the universe will come back to you. What we like will move towards us, that’s how the universe operates. Whatever we put our mind into it, it could be done. Of course, you not only need to work hard to get to the direction where you want, you also need to show genuine gratitude.

To be thankful is to show acceptance. At some point, you might think yourself as unlucky because one thing didn’t work out for you. You let negativity in by dwelling too much on not getting what you want. Instead, accept that some things aren’t meant for you, there will be times that you will not get what you want. What works for others may not necessarily work for you. In any case, negativity will result in more negativity. Just resist the temptation to dwell on things and learn tohe situation instead.

by: Jeffrey Slayter


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