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How a Change in Perspective Can Change Your Life

Untitled-3Do you find yourself unhappy with your job? Have things become too much of a routine that it has sucked out all the fun and excitement out of something that you used to love doing? Well, if your answer is a big resounding yes to both questions, then you’re definitely not alone.

Most if not all people of us experience this type of plateau. And it doesn’t only happen in our careers. It can happen to our personal life too. Relationships that become seemingly redundant and boring and hobbies that become dull and uninteresting – these are all a part of life. But just because this is natural doesn’t mean that we can’t and shouldn’t do something about it.

We can change the way things are. How? We’ll it’s quite simple, really. It’s all a matter of changing your perspective. The moment you change the way you perceive things your attitude towards it would automatically change.

It’s refreshing. The main reason you get bored or feel monotonous is because you get into this particular mind set. You create and fall into your own routine in doing things that you suddenly wake up one day feeling incomplete, redundant and miserable. But when you have a change in perspective, when you change the way you see things, you get a fresher and newer take on things. Your job becomes fun again, dates become exciting or family dinners become a treat.


It’s easy. Having a change in perspective doesn’t cost you a dime. It doesn’t require you to exert any form of physical effort. All you need to do is have a little change in the way you think. You may not be aware how big of an impact a change in perception can do to your life. For instance, if you stop thinking of the office as an office and think of it as something else, like your studio perhaps, then you would be donning a completely different attitude towards your office and your work.

It’s effective. The magic that lies behind a change in perspective is that it causes a domino effect. The moment you change your outlook and mindset regarding something, you also change your attitude towards it. Going back to the same example earlier; if you look at your office as your studio you would no longer view your work as work, it transforms into something more fun and exciting. Because of this, you also become more enthusiastic in doing your work, therefore generating results that are equally positive and great.

So you see, we are not doomed to a lifetime of routines and robotic activities. Life can remain interesting and fun and it can continue on becoming an adventure. It all depends on us and the perception we have. If we chose to look at things the same way for the rest of our lives, then we are painting a very dull and dreary picture, no doubt about it. But if you chose to continually spice things up, then life will continue to be a fun adventure.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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