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Following the Body to Our Destiny

body-mindIn this post, we will learn how our body can literally help us move towards our destiny and discover how we can achieve our perfect self simply by being in tune with our body.

As the mind uses logic and reasoning to comprehend everything around it, the body receives and interprets information through feelings. By learning to properly use our body in conjunction with the other vital parts of our being, we can see who we truly are and achieve much more than we could ever imagine.

Our body is able to define the realities of the world through vibrations of energy. We need to learn the language of the body so we can fully understand our own feelings. This way we will be able to know exactly what the body wants to tell us. Otherwise, we may miss out on a lot of the good things and opportunities which we were meant to enjoy. This article is meant to help the readers realize the importance of everything the body wants to tell us.

Always remember that all the integral parts of our being; the mind, subconscious, body, and soul are all on equal footing. Not one element is stronger than the other. They should all be considered valuable because we can only achieve the perfect us if we can have them functioning in harmony. We should learn to trust our feelings and let them point us to the right choices in our life.

Antonio Damasio is one of the most innovative neuroscientists who studied the innate wisdom of the human body to feel and process information. He conducted studies which helped him prove that the body is more than just a vessel for us in this world. He claims that the body receives and translates information just like the mind does only through a different process.

Damasio was able to prove that the feelings of the body have the ability to influence our mind through a series of experiments he called, the Gambling Task. He conducted the experiment with volunteers who took four special decks of cards. Each card can either make the player win or lose money. The test subjects were then asked to pick one card from each of the four decks and turn them over.

Here’s the clincher, these volunteers were unaware that the cards used for this experiment were fixed. The cards were arranged in such a way where two of the decks gave them higher payouts but meant more severe penalties. This meant that the participants would lose every time they picked a card from these decks.


This was manifested through the increased electrical conductance on their palms whenever they had to pick from the decks with severe penalties. Incredibly, Damasio’s experiment illustrated how the body was able to figure which decks were better faster than the mind was able to realize it.

The result of this experiment reflects what happens to our daily lives whenever we have strong feelings that tell us how to act or which option to choose. This is called our “gut feel”, which unfortunately, gets ignored in certain instances.

Sometimes we ignore these feelings and pick a different choice only to realize we made the wrong decision. Deep within ourselves, we know we should trust the messages given by our body because they point us to the right direction. But this can be hard especially since we receive constant signals from everything that surrounds us. Moreover, we aren’t even aware these signals exist because they are barely there. Once the body receives information, it expresses the messages to us through feelings. This is why we need to be more in tuned to our feelings. Learn to be more sensitive to what your body tells you and you will be a more effective being. The universe speaks to the body through vibrations of energy and the body in turn tells us these messages through feelings. If we learn how to look within ourselves, our bodies will lead us to discover more.

Intuition is a vital feature of our body which provides us information through feelings and instincts. This ability of the body to receive and interpret these messages cannot be understood by the mind. And when we learn to properly use and trust our intuition, it can be easier for us to make the right decisions. Our body manifests intuition in several forms. It could speak to us through a small voice in our head, a gut feeling, any urge that pushes us to take action. Our body steers us towards our destiny, to be a perfect being. All we have to do is to listen and have faith in our body.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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