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Explaining The Origins Of The Universe by Life Coach, Jeffrey Slayter

universe-originsThe universe is an enigma and for centuries, humankind has been left baffled, unable to explain how and when the universe came to be. Why do we exist and what is the connection between our world and what lies out there in space?

E=MC2 is the equation that helped prove that matter and energy are not separate but different forms of the same thing. Through this equation, Albert Einstein theorized that energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. Well-known Physicist Einstein supported his theory through numerous experiments. His research show the possibilities that energy is infinite and that it may actually be older than the universe itself. His theories disprove our traditional understanding about time where there is a beginning and an end. He even goes as far as claiming that the past, present, and future may actually be taking place simultaneously.

If the principles Einstein suggests are true, this means that all of the other theories about the origin of the universe do not pertain to the initial root of energy that created the cosmos. Rather, they are just isolated manifestations of energy. The field of Physics has proposed several theories about the origin of the universe. However, most experts have pointed to a specific moment when singularity was in a stationary position. Anything that does not take place in the past or the future is the present. Considering that this singularity had no past or future, then it can be qualified as the present.


As for the theory of Einstein regarding the energy being infinite, this can mean that all the energy found in the universe is included in that singularity. Modern physics has established that time and space always goes hand in hand with each other. One cannot function without the other. Time and space can only be both present and both absent in this singularity. This means that if time and space are both in-existent, energy is an integral part of the singularity. This is basically how many scientists and physicists believe the universe came to be. This is the fundamental origin of us and yet, the relative universe exists. Separation and individualization is possible. How do we reconcile what we know about the origins of the universe

A great way to follow this line of thought is by using the metaphor of a video game. The video game consists of hardware where all the game characters are controlled. Consider that the spatial user is you, the gamer and the game characters’ time-based interactions are traces of pre-existing possibilities within the framework of the game. All time-based interactions made by the game characters are predetermined by the encoded framework of the game, making it possible for the user and the characters to interact in both the real world and the video game.

When you play video games, all the possible outcomes, interactions and probabilities exists on a disc. Now when you apply this concept in real live, our possible outcomes, interactions and probabilities exist in the singularity. Every memory, any thought, all probabilities that happen in our lives can coexist at one single moment. Any probability in our life is a reflection of our choices. In turn, every choice we make is a result of our distorted view of our being. This is why some choices we make are irrational or constructive. Instead of regarding ourselves as an isolated entity who is perennially at odds with the outside world and we only live in a single unified field of existence, is there a way to change how we interact with one another? Will we be treating each other differently if we understand that what we do to others, we are actually doing to ourselves?

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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