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Establishment of Perfect Timing in Life

sunflareHuman beings are an integral part of the universe and we are in constant communication with all of its other components the minute we came to be. This continuous contact we have with the universe is possible because of the vibrations of energy we produce. The universe responds accordingly to whatever type of energy we generate and this is what attracts or repels the events or people we come across in our lives. All our thoughts, views, and principles, all these are felt and recognized by the universe. Several studies performed by neuroscientists have proven this fact and this is an accepted concept in the field of quantum physics.

It will be much easier for us to become perfect beings if we are able to apply the technique of establishing perfect timing into our daily lives. This is a method where we declare a statement regarding something we want to happen and willing our mind to tap into the energy patterns produced by the universe to make it happen. Not a lot of people readily accept that we can achieve so much more by simply visualizing the things we want but this is not impossible at all. In fact, if we believe something and will the mind and the body to achieve our goals, we can.

In the 1920’s, Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung introduced the philosophical theory of Synchronicity. He bases this concept on the principle where two or more meaningfully related events are connected to each other because of something which is greater than chance or probability. For the person experiencing the event, it appears to be a mere coincidence. But because these occurrences had a big impact in the life of this individual then it could only mean that there is more to it than just being a coincidence. Instead, there is a real and existing causal relationship with the being of this individual.


How many times have you heard about people in dire need of something getting the exact solution they so needed, almost instantaneously? For example, there are cases when cancer patients undergoing intensive treatments getting out of it completely healed the minute the results come in. This might seem completely unbelievable, absurd even, but such instances do happen, inexplicably. Such events which defy explanation are called mystic connection.

When Carl Jung came across an experience that defied logic, the scientific community initially rejected his theories, theories that Carl Gustav Jung himself couldn’t find a plausible explanation for. However, just because certain things cannot be explained, doesn’t mean they’re not real. Carl Jung theorized that the unconscious mind for playing a central role in such instances, despite the very concept being rejected by the scientific community. This was a time when radical findings about quantum physics were yet to be introduced to the public.

If we are able to accept that a collaborator we cannot see can make things, even seemingly impossible ones, happen at some point in our life, we will attract the energy anywhere and use it to our benefit. If we open our minds into it, incredible things are bound to happen to us, including those that we fail to find an explanation for.

These days, most people, including intellectuals and scientific experts, have accepted that the mind is a powerful tool that could provide limitless possibilities as long as we understand how to use it properly. We regard mystic connection as the mind communicating with the universe to help us achieve our goals, and for Carl Jung, the more he understood what cannot be explained, the more positive energy he attracted.

This means, as long as we believe something, no matter how incredible or impossible it may be, it has a chance of coming true if we put our minds into it. As previously discussed, we are one with the universe; our consciousness is a part of a complex network of energies working together in harmony. If we are able to tap into our inner being and use the conscious and subconscious minds to will ourselves to achieve our goals, nothing is impossible.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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