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Dominate Procrastination to Move Forward

Dominate-Procrastination-To-Move-Forward-AI’ll do it later. Don’t deny it. You’ve definitely said this more times than you’ve wanted to. And by doing so, you’ve dealt with the corresponding uncomfortable consequences too many times for comfort. But that’s ok. The numb feeling of not wanting to do anything is perfectly normal. Saying that it should be advocated, however, is not something that should be considered alright.

If you find yourself relating too much to the this situation, you should consider overhauling your principles. Dominate procrastination through the help of these tips:

The first thing you should learn to do is to pace yourself. There will be times where your workload will suddenly triple, out of the blue, with little to no warning. To both the uninitiated and veterans alike, this can prove to be quite the overwhelming and daunting circumstance. In fact, it is at these types of situations, where mountains of work can easily induce despair, that we begin to succumb to procrastination.

The most common response mechanism is to delay the task at hand. Needless to say, this will not make the problem go away. This is exactly like resulting to alcohol for the purpose of numbing problems away. While the consequent drunken stupor indeed does make the issues go away for some time, it will inevitably resurface.

The trick to solving this dilemma lies in establishing consistent workflow. Take the project and break them apart into smaller tasks, and then proceed to work on these tasks on a pace most comfortable for you. This should prevent you from getting overwhelmed by such a difficult task or too many tasks. The speed of your work (don’t get me wrong; while indeed important) doesn’t really matter that much, for as long as input is constant. Sooner or later, as your completed minor tasks pile up, you’d be surprised that you’re close to completing your entire goal.


Equally important is knowing when to take a break. While it may seem easy to rationalize compromising break times so that you can maximize your time for work, it is actually quite counter-productive to do so. How so? Taking breaks is actually an application of the understanding that human beings are of limited capacity. Much like batteries, we drain out and require constant charging, through rest, in order to function at maximum efficiency physically and mentally.

Simply put, don’t compromise your break time; you need to recharge from time to time. In fact, in many countries, governments actually have it in law to require break times for workers. The implication is that you are actually (technically) required by law to take a break!

Conquering procrastination is not just for the purpose of maximizing work efficiency, it is also an effort for general life improvement, and would also reflect in the actions you take and commit to in your personal life. Not only enable you to practice proper time management, it will develop a good sense of security by minimizing the disbelief in your abilities in tackling tasks in the face of pressure and difficulty.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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