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Discovering The Secrets Of The Universe

universediscovery2In quantum physics, the arrow of time is believed to have begun in the big bang 13.7 billion years ago. This means that everything that has happened ever since has been directed toward an even greater disorder. As the beginning of time has been established, now comes the question, “is there an end of time?”

Most of us wonder how the future of the universe will be. Modern discoveries have made a lot of progress in answering this question. According to the theory of the big bang, that moment blew the entire space moving outward. And up to this day, the universe is still expanding. People have believed the expansion of the universe is slowing down but recent studies made by astronomers have proven this is not the case. In fact, the expansion of the universe is actually increasing in speed. Unlike what we all think, the rate of the universe’s expansion is accelerating as time goes by.

With this knowledge, we should expect huge changes in the future. The increasing speed of this expansion means that in the far future, some hundred billion years after today, all the other galaxies will have moved away farther from us. This means there is a possibility that we will not be able to view other galaxies anymore and everything around our galaxy will be nothing but a vast space.

At present, when we look out at the outer space, we are actually looking back in time. But when this happens, our descendants and those who will come after them will be at a quandary because they will not know that other galaxies actually existed. The worst part about this, future astronomers will no longer be able to track the past because the other galaxies are no longer visible.

There is one theory about the end of time, which state that black holes will take over the cosmos in the future. And then eventually, they too will vanish leaving nothing but floating particles drifting all over space. Once everything in the universe has dissolved, changes will stop from happening. Because of this, man will no longer be able to have a grasp of time. It would be impossible to know what time is if events no longer shifted from one to another. And you will no longer be able to tell the difference between a forward or backward direction of the arrow of time. Eventually, the value and meaning of time will be lost.


Sir Isaac Newton was one of the first great minds who studied time 350 years ago. He mentioned that he does not need to define time because everyone is familiar with it. However, because the curiosity of man has driven us to learn more about time, we have come up with numerous findings that have gone against most of our previous beliefs.

These include the principle of entropy which states that everything has a tendency to move from order to disorder and that each movement is linked to the big bang itself. Another is that time in the universe is different for every person. It may be possible that time may not be flowing at all. Instead, the past, present and future could all happening simultaneously. There’s a big chance we will still hold on to our old beliefs. But at least now we can look beyond experience and that there are many things we have yet to discover.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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