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Developing Habits that Matter

Developing-SCreating brand new habits is never the same for everyone – it always differs from one person to the next. There are no fixed days for developing it. While some may take a mere week, others take years to develop a certain habit. This is because so many factors intervene and affect how  a new habit is formed for each individual.

If you think that creating new habit is as easy as installing a new light bulb, think again. It entails major adjustments on one’s emotions, personality and beliefs so that they can make room for the brand new habit they want to possess. Obtaining a new habit is becoming and embodying the habit. Habits are not external objects; they are a medium of self expression and mastery.

As you create your habit, you will tend to divert your attention far too quickly. If you want to go through the process of developing an entirely new habit, you have to make sure that it is important to you and that it deserves undivided attention. The moment that you commit to this, you will ultimately see results.

There is more to it than just simply developing the habits you want. A habit is not just mental, physical, or spiritual discipline; it is a tunnel of expression. Habits condition our minds into thinking, behaving, and acting and believing in particular ways, if you use them properly, you will have the strength to change your perception of the universe completely. This also can radically change who you are. With the right attitude, you will achieve your heart’s desires.


A habit is not established unless you put a hundred percent of your spirit, your soul, and your heart into what you are doing. With constant practice, an action or a deed may transform into a habit in time, but it is more important for you to put everything to heart first.When this is done, your passion will serve as your flying carpet as you teach yourself to channel your creativity and energy to your new practice. This alone will be the motivation and reward that you need to keep you going.

Some habits may take years for you to be able to fully establish as a daily routine. Sometimes you need extra effort to be able to make some progress over it. Often times, your willpower might not be strong enough, and by working on a habit little by little, you will build your willpower gradually over time until you gain the necessary strength to sustain it into a daily practice.  Remember, after you establish a certain foundation for this practice, it gets easier to build it.

It is your daily habits that ultimately determine who you are, who you will become, and what quality of life you will have. Creating habits is not just about the length of how you can achieve it, it is the extent at which you embody the new habit – this is what truly changes you.

 by: Jeffrey Slayter

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