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Daring Yourself To Try New Things

Daring-Yourself---SIt’s hard to venture out of our comfort zone because we like the feeling of knowing what to expect. This could be because we hate changes or we don’t want to disrupt routines that we’ve developed throughout the years. Whichever the case may be, if some changes occur, most of us will feel anxious and/or worried. Others avoid change completely.

Looking at your life right now, do you want to make changes in your life or are satisfied with your current situation?

And if you do want to instigate chances and yet, you haven’t done so, why do you put it off? Are you afraid of disrupting your routine or are you worried that you might be ridiculed by others?

Changes shouldn’t be feared, it should be embraced. Anything that’s inevitable should be welcomed because no matter how hard you try to fight it, it won’t change things. You will have, at some point, to deal with whatever’s coming.

Preventing change will only result in inhibiting yourself from growing. And if say, you do want to make positive changes in your life, you have to make things happen. You don’t sit and wait for things to magically fall into place.

For example, say you’ve always wanted to become a successful teacher one day. You can’t do that or be that person if you don’t do something about it. Teaching takes passion and patience, it’s a lifelong commitment. Procrastinating won’t do if you want to be successful one day. So what do you do? You study hard, you work hard to get a degree and then you strive to be the best teacher you could be.


For some, they are so afraid of changes because they don’t want to make mistakes. Mistakes are okay, you are human after all. We will, at some point in our lives, make a lot of mistakes. And from these mistakes, we will learn a lot of things. All these life lessons made us the person that we are today.

If you’re so used to doing nothing to help your cause, you become complacent. You don’t grow. If you don’t try new things, you will remain the person that you are now. That could be a good thing for some, but if you’re looking to be better, then that’s not going to make you a better person.

Trying new things may seem daunting, scary even. But it’s the only time you will discover more about yourself. Through changes, you learn life lessons, you learn more about your own abilities. You develop an identity.

Sure, at some point, going through changes when you’re not ready may be intimidating but that’s the beauty of living. Life is unpredictable. It will test your boundaries in so many ways.

But think of changes as small grains of diamonds being used to cut and polish an even bigger diamond. The little diamonds relentlessly rub against the bigger diamond, cutting and buffing away, until the bigger diamond shines brilliantly. This illustrates how life, with all its little tests, challenges and roadblocks slowly reveals your own brilliance.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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