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Cultivating Time

Cultivating-Time-SIf for some freak reason the whole world gets destroyed tomorrow, what will you do before then? In normal circumstances, this question is relatively easy to answer. In the context of a cataclysmic scenario, however, suddenly it becomes one of the most difficult questions to answer.

Why is this so, you may ask?

This is because time is the single most important element in life. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most taken for granted things in all of human life. Needless to say, there is absolute essentiality to be able to learn how to efficiently and effectively use and maintain time.

In order to avert this dilemma, there is a need to identify and define the various facets of time. Typically, time usage is divided into four.

Let’s start with the distractors. As the name suggests outright, distractors serve to detract your attention elsewhere. These semblances of tasks are neither vital nor in need of rapid resolution. Procrastination epitomizes this type of time usage, and with it, whichever and whatever task it is you choose to undergo while feeding your procrastination. It should go without saying that this type of time usage, should be avoided.

Another type of time usage is waster. These is a devious type as it is disguised as a task that requires rapid resolution, yet, in actuality is just a waste of time. It can be likened to those enduring spam mail which stubbornly somehow make their way into your inbox. More often than not, they are not merely a waste of time and/or effort, they are potential wastes of crucial funds and assets.


The third type is changer. They are called as such as they function to overhaul your life, although they need not be accomplish or actualized immediately. They are like stretch goals – goals that claim a standing of comparable importance to that of your top goals, but function more as supplementary rather than absolutely vital. It usually manifests in the inquiry that involves asking how you can improve on something that you are already good at, i.e. “I have actualized my life-long dream of being able to own a yacht. It would be nice if this were bigger, though.”

The final type is crucial. Straight from the name and rather straightforward as well, they are your ultimate goals – you cannot fulfill your heart’s (or work’s) desire if you cannot actualize them. These are vital for your need for financial security.

Maximizing productivity and, therefore, happiness and success in life is an exercise of careful time management and usage. It is also a juggling act that involves purposefully dropping the first two types of time usage in favor of the latter two. At the end of the day, however, setting goals for appropriate time usage is not enough. In order to progress in one’s career, perseverance, faith, competence, and desires are all necessary. Meticulously practice all these in addition to the juggling act, and you’ll be set – in life and business!

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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