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Creativity and Success: What You Need to Know

Creativity-And-Success-What-You-Need-To-Know-AWhat do you think is one of the most important qualities that makes a person successful? We know it’s not money because we have plenty of success-stories out there wherein various individuals were able to make it big by starting out small. And age also isn’t a factor since we see a lot of people from varying age groups who are able to become successful all the same. So what is it, then? It’s creativity.

This is one of the simplest trait that we need to develop amongst ourselves. It is also one of the biggest aids that help us in our pursuit of success. Nowadays, companies all over the world are working hard on devising ways to bring out the creativity in their employees. They come up with everything; from team building activities and workshops to company sponsored trips and vacations. These companies know that creativity is an important factor in generating quality results.

And yet, majority of us refuse to believe in what creativity can do for us. The reason behind our disbelief is the mentality that we’ve developed growing up. We’ve categorized people into two groups: creative and non-creative. And what we consider creative are those who exhibit outstanding performances in various fields. So when you notice that you’re no Picasso or Steve Jobs, then you immediately brand yourself as non-creative.

There is so much fault in this line of thinking. To set the records straight, there is no such thing as non-creative people. We are all creative and we all have the capacity to further develop our creativity. What we need to do is slowly do things that would help bring out and develop our creativity.Here are a few examples:


1. Get out of your comfort zone – one of the biggest culprits in making a person stagnant and unable to grow is routine, especially when it comes to work. Once we get a hang of how things are, we tend to stay there. We do the same thing and go to the same routine every single day. This scenario is in no way helpful to you or your career. It doesn’t challenge you. So in order to achieve growth and become more creative you need to change things up every once in a while.

2. Take risks – we tend to stay safe and stir our paths away from risks because of our fear of the unknown. Although this fear is valid, staying afraid forever won’t get you anywhere. So every once in a while, take risks. Dare to do something that you normally wouldn’t. Once you expose yourself to new and fresh things, you would be allowing the creativity to come out of you.

3. Ignore the naysayers – there is a fine difference between giving constructive criticism and just being blunt and unhelpful. You need to know when to listen and when not to listen to what the people around you need to say. When you become so conscious of the judgment of others, you would tend to keep yourself from going the distance and putting new ideas into play.

Creativity is an important tool. Once we get to develop our creativity, then we are one step closer to reaching the success that we want.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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