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Channeling Life through Perspectives


Every one of us wants to live a happy and content life. This is the reason why we work hard every single day to achieve everything we want, a big house, good financial standing, and happy relationships with the people we love, and perhaps, other things that make us satisfied in life.

What most of us don’t realize is that our personal thoughts and views are what determine our level of contentment. Everyone has his or her own distinct perception about the things that are happening around us. And most of the time, our own perspective will differ from other people. However, everyone’s perceptions are all facts even if they vary. We should always keep in mind that what may be true to us might not be true for someone else.

Contrary to what we are accustomed to, there are no absolute truths in this world. In reality, our lives have no bounds or limits. These perceptions we have are what can define the truths in our lives. On the other hand, the perceptions that we don’t have can also be the reason why we are missing out on some things. No matter which side you’re on, these views and thoughts serve as our lens when we look at the world. These will also be what attract the positive or negative energy which can make us happy or sad.

We should realize that we can control how satisfied we can be about our lives. Every single idea, thought, or belief we have contributes or shapes the world we live in. These are not limited merely on inanimate perceptions. Within our mind holds the power to create physical vibrations of energy which are converted into everything around us. Our thoughts and beliefs are so important because our present and future lives depend on what and how we think.

The best part about all this is that we are capable of controlling every thought of belief we have. Unfortunately, almost every one of us is unable to capitalize on this opportunity because we overlook this fact.

False Perceptions

Without us knowing, our perceptions are tainted by outside forces such as beliefs, expectations, and past experiences. We think we see things happen naturally unaware of the fact that our views are actually being influenced by the way we are conditioned to see them. If we uncover the truth that our perception can control the environment we live in, we can think or believe in things which will eventually be very beneficial to our world and how we live our lives. But the problem lies in how our minds translate these according to our perceptions. And most of the time, our minds are tricked into thinking of false realities.

These perspectives blanket the true events and situations of our lives and we can’t avoid doing so because we always have our own views when looking at the world. In order for us to get a better glimpse of reality, we compare and even argue perspectives with the people around us. They can provide pieces of information to us about the world and life. Once we hear their opinions, we can then decide which ones we can accept as true and which ones are not.

Sometimes, we struggle to understand hurtful events that come in our lives. The loss of a family member, breaking up with a partner, bankruptcy, or any life-changing problem or event which is hard for us to understand on our own. When any of these events happen to us and we don’t know how to handle the situation, we can turn to the views, thoughts, and experiences of other people. We seek advice from our peers or relatives then try them out until we find the right solution that are beneficial to us or ideas that may help us cope with certain . Whatever ideas our minds decide to pick will dictate the reality of our lives. And every time we change our perceptions, the reality changes as well.


Power of Believing

Our mind processes everything, every event, and every experience we go through in life. The mind takes in the information then interprets them based on its perceptions. It qualifies every piece of information into important and unimportant groups. The important group contains data which conform to our beliefs so we consider them as truths. On the other hand, the unimportant groups consists of data which go against our beliefs so we often disregard them or do whatever we can to form them into things that match what our minds say are part of reality.

Physicists all over the world have documented studies proving that vibrations of energy can take physical form in reality. They say that every object or event in this world is made from vibrations of energy, including personal thoughts, views, and beliefs. Thinking about something repeatedly will eventually leave an impression in our subconscious minds.

The more we set our minds into something, the higher the probably of achieving the desired results. These impressions we create within us and the beliefs that we have are what attract circumstances and events from the external matrix of reality which are somehow connected to each other. These vibrations of energy draw in and form the experiences we go through in our lives. Thus, we can learn to change the reality of our lives when we learn to control our beliefs. We can find which perception would be the best for us and then change them again when necessary.

Human beings need to have beliefs because they define our perceptions about life. They serve as our basis in understanding the events and situations we experience. This is why it is necessary to have beliefs which can bring goodness to your life. We should accept the fact that our perceptions are what create the reality of our lives. Once we learn to do so, we can find ways to overcome our hardships and gain bigger achievements we thought we could never have.

A person with positive beliefs may result in having positive outlook in life. This positivity can both attract and repel certain events, opportunities, and people. His perceptions then influence his lifestyle, decisions, emotions, principles, and actions. It drives him to strive for greatness because he believes something rewarding awaits him. Negative beliefs have the same effect on a person. Except of course, the effects come from a negative side so they will in turn bring in more negative vibrations of energy. This person will most probably miss out on great chances to live a fuller life. He will end up living sad and discontent with what he has.

Whatever you experience in your life is a product of your perceptions and beliefs. Because you regard your beliefs as truth, you end up accepting them without scrutiny. We take these beliefs and consider them to be what reality should be and not just our personal beliefs of what reality could actually be.

It is important to note that both positive and negative beliefs are valid and real. A person who has more negative beliefs more than positive ones doesn’t necessarily make him wrong. What this article wants to impart to its readers is that whatever type of vibration our perceptions produce will be the reality of the world we live in.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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