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Change Your Life Today: The Truth about Mistakes and the Power of Positivity

mistakes3If there’s one thing that we are all afraid of, it’s making mistakes. We all have dreams and we all have something that we want to achieve. But then there’s always this lingering fear of making mistakes. Because of this, we miss out on a lot of opportunities that would have been our ticket to success. Or let’s say we did take a risk and we decided to go for something. But because of this predisposed concept we have that once we make mistakes we are ultimately doomed for failure, we become devastated once we do make mistakes, regardless of its magnitude.

This fear that we have and this misconception does nothing but cripple us. Instead of working to attain growth and success, we become stunted and stagnant. We settle. Well it’s about time that we change this. We should start working on ourselves to correct this and start our journey to self-discovery and growth.

The following are a few key pointers that we should keep in mind to help us in our pursuit of self-improvement:

Have a positive outlook.

In anything and everything that you do or encounter, you should make it a habit to maintain a positive outlook and disposition, no matter what happens. Regardless if things go your way or not, you should still look at the bright side, because there will always be one. Learn to see the positive and the good out of everything, no matter how bad things may be. There is always a silver lining, but it’s entirely up to us to look for it.

Accept your mistakes.

You see, making mistakes isn’t all that bad. Sometimes, a situation requires for you to mess up first before you can finally get it right. It doesn’t mean that you are a failure and that you should give up. It just means that it would take much more effort or it may require you to take a completely different approach. Either way, no obstacle and trial is unsurvivable. And mistakes are learning opportunities in disguise. You just need to learn what you can and go at it again.


Move on.

Don’t allow yourself to be haunted by past mistakes and miscalculations. There is nothing you could do to change what has already been done. What you can do is change what is about to happen. So instead of using all your time and energy brooding over the past and wishing you’ve done things differently, focus on what you can do with your present circumstance. Work with what you’re given, not with what you don’t have. You’ll be surprised how much of your future you could change if only you put some hard work and dedication into it.

Changing for the better is never easy because, as they say, we are our worst enemy. Sometimes, it is easier to help out other people than it is to help yourself. But then there is nothing we can’t achieve and nothing we can’t overcome. So start working today and brace yourself for bigger things ahead.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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