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Be the “You” That You Want to Be

Be-the-_You_-That-You-Want-to-Be-1-1Do you know who you are and who you are meant to be? We all struggle to find our place in the world. For some people, they go through their entire lives just to find their sense of self. They do everything that they can to be able to distinguish themselves from the rest of the people around them. Isn’t it a bit odd though, that we have this need to find ourselves in the first place? Aren’t we supposed to know exactly who we are?

 What Society Thinks

The problem here is that we live in a society that is designed to manipulate us into conforming to a certain standard. We unaware that live in a world where we are slowly being brainwashed into believing certain truths and to just accept them as they are. So if society dictates that this is the accepted religion, then we all follow that and don’t even bother to consider any other option. They teach us that boys should only be with girls, and vice versa. So we think anything beyond that is a perversion to mankind. We are programmed to believe that people are inferior just because they are born with a certain skin color. Why do we celebrate Christmas on December, and not on January? Why do we wait for Thanksgiving to say our thanks?

It’s all because that’s the way things have been for as long as we could all remember. This is the reality that’s been presented to us. Society’s control and influence over our lives has gone so deep that it has begun to dictate the person that we are and the person we will become — especially in the way we think.


Playing our Roles

 Picture out a young teenager brought up in an atheist household. Then there’s this other girl, the same age and also living in the same neighborhood, but brought up in a Christian household. They both appear relatively different from each other for obvious reasons. They grew up in families with different belief systems. But why is it that both of them end up having the same problems? At some point in their lives they would face the exact same kind of pressures, as will any other girl on her journey to womanhood. We are all expected to play certain roles in society. At least, that’s what we’re made to think. We are taught to act and interact in a certain way, based on the role we are supposedly “born” with. Anyone who dares deviate from this norm is scrutinized, ridiculed and branded by society.

Accepting Change

But through time, people are getting more and more evolved. We are slowly waking up and seeing the world for what it really is. More and more people are finding the courage to break free from the bonds of society and to pursue a life that they would want to live. Slowly, we are learning to say “No, thank you (we should always remember to be polite)” to doing things that we feel aren’t right for us. And conversely, society has been gradually more accepting. Even if it’s a relatively small change, it is still a change nonetheless.

So there’s no reason for you to allow yourself to feel bound to do the things that you feel you should do. Instead, listen to yourself and determine what it is that you want to do. At the end of the day, no one but yourself can tell you which path you would want to take in life. All you really need to do is listen.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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