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Be an Inspiration and Help Others Attain Personal Power

Be-An-Inspiration-And-Help-Others-Attain-Personal-Power-ABeing able to influence people is one of the most essential abilities you must develop in your lifetime. When you are able to extend your influence towards other people and serve as an inspiration to them, not only does it help others, it also gives you extra leverage for obtaining your desires. At hindsight, this might sound as if it were self-serving for whoever is the one being looked up upon. Rest assure, however, that it isn’t. Having an inspiration and being an inspiration are both conduits to personal power: Having an inspiration means you have an example to look up to – a paragon wherein you can pattern your endeavors and desires to accordingly; Being an inspiration, on the other hand, allows you to have the power to easily influence followers.

You can refine your level of influence and help yourself and other people attain personal power by fostering inspiration through the following insights:

Maintain humility amidst prowess.

What is more annoying than a person who has the tenacity to rub into the faces of other people how better they are compared to them? A SUCCESSFUL person who has the tenacity to rub into the faces of other people how better they are compared to them! Never let your success overwhelm your better-judgment mechanisms. Although the sentiment differs from one person to another, you cannot expect to be looked up upon if you are just downright excessively boastful about your success. Maintain your humility. This makes you drastically more relatable and inspiring.

Do what you love to do.

Assuming the role of an inspiration requires a careful balance between deviance from the mainstream “play safe” mentality and endeavoring within the fields of your desires. This portrays that you have come to embrace your strengths and weaknesses and have actually used them to make your dreams and aspirations come true. It is through this combination of resilience, passion, and devotion do people draw their inspirations from.


Practice what you preach.

For a person to be able to carry the burden of being an inspiration, there is absolutely no room for hypocrisy. You cannot expect a person to be devoted in your life’s work if you cannot even do the same. This is even made worse if you are vocal about it, yet refuse to act accordingly. Maintain your passion, and emanate that much needed air of high credibility. Walk your talk! It is impossible to become a role model if you are quick to surrender your beliefs and principles to every single situation that induces despair.

Master your craft.

Pursue continuous education and become updated with the latest advances in your field. In the contemporary era’s technological standards, it is very easy to be up to date. It is actually becoming quite impossible to not be able to connect to the internet. Take advantage of this widespread accessibility.

Extend help.

This should actually go without saying, but you should be ready and willing to help other people at all times. Extending a helping hand is not only an avenue to uplift your credibility and reputation, it is an opportunity divulge your skills and abilities. Which is a channel for personal power in itself.

Not everybody is born to wear a crown and wield a scepter. This is the reason why people who keep it real and humble are drastically more relatable. So keep yourself down to earth, become an inspiration, and watch in awe as everyone develops their personal power!

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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