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Awakening the Soul

awakeningsoulIn the previous articles, we discussed how our body consisted of four integral parts which are all important in helping us achieve a higher sense of self. These elements include the mind, body, subconscious, and the soul. It had been established how the conscious mind is capable of defining who we truly are, how the body is able to access and communicated wisdom through feelings, and that the power of the subconscious mind directs us towards success. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the soul and its two major functions.

We know that the soul is our essence, an invisible part of ourselves that will go on beyond death. However, because most of us cannot fully comprehend how the soul can help us achieve a higher sense of self, the soul is often left dormant, waiting until it is awakened and start to work together with the conscious and subconscious mind to help us achieve much more than we think.

An awakened soul also stimulates our inner being. This becomes our guide which helps us unlock our deepest potentials. Read on to learn more about the two major functions possible of the soul and explore how we can awaken our soul and achieve the better version of our being:

Working With The Mind, The Body and The Soul – The soul can turn to a guide that will help up come across limitless possibilities we can achieve in our lives. While the conscious and the subconscious minds are in control over how we approach each opportunity, the soul allows things to fall naturally into place. Certain events in our lives happen according to how the universe intent it to happen.

Once our soul awakens, we will be able to enjoy this liberating experience easily. Nevertheless, it is important to reiterate that we can only achieve the perfect versions of ourselves if the four integral parts of our being work perfectly with each other. And before we could have the ability to tap into the power of our soul, we should start with training the conscious and the subconscious mind to generate the right kind of vibrations of energy to produce and for the wisdom of the body to fully develop first.


The Desire to Help Others – By awakening our soul, we become more attuned to life and this leads us to wanting to help ourselves through helping others. As we start to learn how tap into the limitless power of our soul, we also awaken our hearts, stirring the desire to lend a hand to anyone who needs our assistance.

This desire to help goes hand in hand with our desire of building significant relationships with other people. Being able to do this gives us a better glimpse of the mysteries of the soul. Though the mind has an idea that every person in the universe are created equals, it cannot have a full understanding this fact because it is not equipped with the ability to feel.

Because the awakened heart is the window of our soul, we are naturally inclined to feel like helping out others for the greater good. Being charitable or compassionate towards or immediate family, colleagues and even strangers is a sign of an awakened soul.

The only way we can become a refined being is by learning how the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, the body and the soul can work together as one and complement each other. The first step towards this is to look beyond superficiality in our lives as this can hold us back from becoming attuned with the universe. Rather than focus on selfish intentions, egocentric concerns and worldly objections, make positive changes in yourself, in the community and everything will fall into place.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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One Response to Awakening the Soul

  1. Joyce Kawasaki

    Nice article! There is more about the soul at 5 Gateways by Chris Bourne.

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  1. Joyce Kawasaki says:

    Nice article! There is more about the soul at 5 Gateways by Chris Bourne.

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