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Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment

Untitled-7-2Most people want to achieve peace of mind and have a fulfilled life. Unfortunately, most of us equate material wealth as absolute happiness. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While material things may cause happiness to some, this feeling is fleeting, not something that will stay with you forever.

A meaningful life starts with being at peace with yourself and the people around you. This can be achieved through a deeper connection between the self and spiritual enlightenment. Achieving spiritual enlightenment means becoming one with your Self and the person others perceive you to be.

Achieving such connection can be done almost unconsciously but harmonizing the inner being with the person you are perceived by others to be will take a lot of practice. Spontaneity is inherent in most people and this is actually a pre-cursor to spiritual enlightenment.

If you think about it, when you perform habitual acts or things, which you perceive as normal, you will see that you are being spontaneous about several things. For example, when someone says “hello” you immediately respond with “hi” or “hello” as well. The natural motions of your body such as breathing and growing are also unplanned. Your mind also produces a lot of spontaneous thoughts. You can’t control every idea, imagination, or belief that your mind creates.

This is the same principle in the common saying “live in the present.” If you consider all aspects about living in the present, it seems impossible. Everything you do has been planned and everything you did is a part of the past that you often remember. Then again, in order for you to plan for the future and to recall the past, you have to do these in the present.


Achieving the highest level of spiritual enlightenment seems confusing and to a certain extent, impossible. Buddha is called the enlightened one because he has achieved the pinnacle of spirituality. Buddha is believed to know cosmic truths that are only revealed once you achieve a certain level of spiritual enlightenment.  Buddha has ability to tap into realms that most people can only dream of.

Not anyone is fortunate enough to achieve becoming a Buddha. A person needs to create peace with himself and attain a deeper sense of self in order to achieve enlightenment. This includes accepting how others perceive you and being at peace with your inner being. If you are unable to do this any other effort you make will have no bearing.

Meditating is one way to clear the mind and reach harmony between yourself and your Self. Dedicated several minutes per day meditating helps inner peace. Start by sitting in a quiet corner and clear your mind. Visualize yourself reaching a deeper sense of enlightenment and repeat your personal mantra over and over again. Practicing this everyday will not only help you refresh the mind, it’s also a great way to find harmony between the person you are perceived to be by others and your inner being.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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