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Passion: A Key Ingredient for Success

passion1Have you ever wondered how some people seem to manage to succeed at anything and everything they do? While the rest of us are so busy expecting for the other shoe to fall every time something works for us, there are those who don’t have the same worries as we do. From business, career or personal matters, some people just seem to have everything working for them.

It all sounds a tad bit unfair, doesn’t it? What do these people have that we don’t? Where were we when they were being handed out “unlimited luck passes”? Actually luck has nothing to do with it. Yes it is true that these people are doing something right. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t do the same thing.

The secret to their success is passion. You might raise your eyebrows in disbelief, but it’s true. Passion is a very powerful thing. Once we allow it, it can drive us into the path to success.

Passion brings out Motivation.

When you become passionate about doing something – anything, you get tons of motivation to go about into doing it. Passion brings about the exact amount of motivational push that we need to reach for something that we may have initially thought impossible. Take a look at all those successful business men and women. All their billion-dollar success started out from humble beginnings fueled by nothing but passion and hard work

Passion keeps you Determined.

It’s one thing to start doing something. But seeing it through until the end is another thing entirely. It requires a lot of dedication and determination. And when you do something that you’re really passionate about, not only are you motivated, you become determined as well. And determination is of key importance in sticking around and finishing what you’ve started. It’s what keeps you from giving up and abandoning things half-way.


Passion makes things Easier.

Although there are definitely a lot of trials and difficulties that are waiting for us, we would be able to endure these and face them with our heads high. Our passion serves as a form of life-support. Whenever things become unbearable and unbelievably difficult, it is easier for us to remind ourselves about the purpose of all that difficulty. Whenever we find ourselves led astray by the abundance of distractions around us, we can easily get ourselves back on track. Our passion becomes a constant reminder that helps make things easier to bear.

Passion can Inspire others.

Once you see a person who’s so passionate about what they do, you won’t be able to help but feel inspired to become and achieve the same. You see, passion brings about a form of magic, not only within ourselves but in other people as well.

So if you think about it, achieving your goals and dreams and becoming successful are not impossible. Yes it is going to be difficult and you would want to give up. But then you won’t – not if you are driven by your passion. And when you are, success is inevitable.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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